Paste code snippet missing on firefox android

For some reason, the “insert code” button is not available (all others are) on firefox android (i mean the acutal button </> in the text window on the forum).

And I do not know how to find that correct version of ’ to use.

‘This does not work’ (because it’s the wrong ’ on my keyboard)

It seems that not all buttons fit in that bar and “preformatted text” is moved to the secondary menu (through the gear -icon)

The correct quote to use is the backtick:


(Depending on your Android keyboard, it can be more or less difficult to find)

One of them around text for an effect like this and three of them in their own line to open and close a preformatted block

like this

You are 100% correct!

My eyes are old, that is the only excuse I have…

Manjaro is like a greengrocer – apostrophes ( &#39; ) don’t work

Preformatted text requires grave accents ( &#96; ) also known as backticks

UTF-8 Basic Latin & Controls –

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