Passwordsafe issues

I successfully installed Passwordsafe and was even able to import my database
(see instructions here: aarch64 manjaro linux pinephone · Issue #863 · pwsafe/pwsafe · GitHub),
after the first launch I am not able to enter the password since the keyboard does not popup anymore:

Any tricks how to solve this (maybe symlinking the xvkbd command to the virtual plasma keyboard?)


My current workaround is to open pwsafe from terminal, then I get a keyboard. So maybe I just need to edit the launcher…?

The error indicates that it wants to use xvkbd, which is also an AUR package. However, that is an x11 keyboard, and Plasma Mobile is Wayland only.

Your application likely is not fully wayland compatible as it does not trigger the wayland keyboard protocol.

What would be the correct command to trigger the wayland keyboard on plasma?

(already asked on several places, incl. matrix channel, but still do not know the answer. Would be nice to know so I could add this to issue reports on several projects).

Still don’t get: why the keyboard pops up when running from terminal and what would I need to change on the pwsafe.desktop file, since Terminal=true does not help…

I’m not sure there is a command. The interface uses dbus for it I believe.

ok thanks…so there must be another way, the idea now is to change the .desktop entry to run pwsafe via terminal to get the keyboard.

But Terminal=true
throws an error: “Terminal konsole not found…”

and` Exec=qmlkonsole -e “/usr/bin/pwsafe”
hangs endlessly…

There must be a simple way to run a program from .desktop entry via terminal !?


Got a working solution:
Edit /usr/local/share/applications/pwsafe.desktop and change:
Exec=env GDK_BACKEND=wayland pwsafe %f

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