Passwords not working

Im a very new to both linux as well as manjaro so please keep that in mind. I installed manjaro as a dual boot with windows with no problem. The problem is when Im asked to type in my password, which I apparently have to do for pretty much every single thing. I KNOW im typing in the correct password and yet its still not recognized. I cant delete user accounts, I cant upgrade the account I made to get around the password problem to admin either bc it still wants the password for the admin account. I tried using the default password but that doesnt work either. Im about to lose my mind. Is there any help anybody can suggest.

There are some issues with non-English keyboard layout while Manjaro installation. Did you use non-English layout? If you did, maybe this topic will help you: Keyboard layout in login screen just after installation

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That should NOT be the case, you should only need that when performing system administration…
Normal usage like starting applications etc should not require your password…

Also please see:

@dmontaperto, I had similar problem with one of my PCs using Manjaro. I also tried those workarounds as you describe, but in the end the same problem stopped me moving forward. Strange thing was that this problem was not in other Manjaro PCs which I installed from the same boootable USB drive.

In the end the solution - which worked ! - was to 1.) download new version .ISO and 2.) make new bootable USB flash drive and 3.) re-install Manjaro once again over the existing one. The actual reason of this problem remained unclear.

Could you give an example for what you need to fill a password?

Since your using Plasma (KDE) it could be wallet related. For instance you gave the wallet a different password as your login password (or a typo in it)