Password stopped working, starting systemd-homed fixed it, what happened?

I tried using remote desktop to connect via xrdp just now and the login screen didn’t like my password. I ssh’ed into the machine, I had a private key setup so I didn’t need a password for that, but I couldn’t use sudo, it said my password was wrong. I was able to change my password with passwd, it accepted my password, but I wasn’t able to use sudo after that either. I googled and found a tip to start systemd-homed, and my password started working normally. journalctl shows the first systemd-homed logs being from when I started it manually, things were working yesterday without it apparently.

I had installed xrdp yesterday, stopped a vnc service, and installed the unifi service as well, I can’t think of anything else exciting that I did recently.

I’m a little irked by this and worried that I could be locked out of my machine. Any idea what happened and what I can do to prevent it going forward?

It sounds like the system expects systemd-homed … but you don thave it started/enabled?

Assuming there are no other issues abound
(again its weird that this is required but not enabled by you…)
Then it should be as simple as:

systemctl enable systemd-homed 

Note: This is ‘weird’ because it doesnt make much sense. For example - I do not use systemd-homed, have never been prompted for it, and my sudo works fine.