Password not working after deleting manjaro-zsh-config and zsh powerlevel10k

Please help me I’m in a crisis right now. My laptop is locked up, password dosent work.
Not even in the tty session.
The root account is disabled, but I still tried it on tty, without any luck.
Appreciate any help

please take a minute and think over what would you think if someone would give you such a description and you should solve the problem ? sorry buddy but with this information none of us can help.
if you’re on a laptop check if you set the numeric/alphanumeric right. it’s possible that you mismatched. try a external keyboard, maybe your keyboard is broken on one key. that’s all i can guess from here with such bad informations.

Use a live USB and check what you actually removed.

Hi @narutotheboss, and welcome!

You could always chroot into the installation, and repair the password from there.


The more I think about this, the more I think that it is because of something else you did, knowingly or not. But it can be fixed from a chroot regardless. Or so I think.

Just for the fun of it I just did what you said you did
and removed these things.
The system still works.
Just the shell is now bash with no special configuration or nice prompt.

You must have done more than what you said you did to get to where you are now.

Why would you delete those files? Personally wipe and load is your solution.