Password changing somehow

For some reason my sudo password just changed mid session and this is the 2nd time it has happened and i have no idea what it is currently

Maybe there are just different passwords for root and your user?
Also be aware that you can become locked out after too many attempts.
(so even if your password is correct it will not work)

What are you doing that requires and/or changes the password?
Are you running sudo some commands or ? …

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The only way it can change is if YOU changed it while in “mid session” so check what you performed in that session.
If you don’t know how to change password then you should NOT use sudo no matter what.
Eg. Don’t perform actions that you do not understand your self.

journalctl -b0 --grep "sudo|passwd"

The above will check the logs of your current boot only.
If you want to check ALL logs then remove the -b0 part…

I’ve the strong suspicion that your password did not change but sudo doesn’t accept it.
There’ve been similar reports in the past, please use the forum search, see this one for example:

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