Password changed itself?

Hey! I have a big Problem! Somehow the password of my system has changed. I know that sounds dumb. But I really didnt knowingly changed it. I’m still logged in to my System but am afraid to shut down.
(I am 1000% sure I put the right password as I had the same for the last few weeks)

Is there anything I can do to maybe safe my system?
And how could that happen that my password has changed?

CAPS LOCK on? Case sensitive? Have you tried?

yep everything. chekced clear password/ wrote it in clear and then pasted it in. didnt work either.


How can that be?? I swear to god I tried it 1000 times with the right thing nothing happend but now it just works fine again???

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I am very sorry to have waisted your time. Thank you anyways :sweat_smile:

You naughty boy :see_no_evil: :grin:

If you’re still logged in, do both of the following…

  • Check whether you’ve got any files whose name ends in .pacnew hanging under /etc/pam.d/, and if so, merge them with the existing files of the same name.

  • Set a new password for yourself via the passwd command in a terminal.

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Looks like @manjaro keeps altering the deal.