Partition two different drives as /home

So i have two nvme 500GB ssd
can i have two /home from different SSD?
here what i am trying to do

nvme0n1p1 was /home when i was in gnome and i have some files that i don’t wanna delete them so nvme0n1p1 is all home

but in nvme1n1 i have two boot ( one is /boot and other is /boot/efi don’t know do i need both or no ) 267GB for /root, 2gb for swap and I want all left for extending home more

is that possible?

The best solution would be to mount one of your home partitions as the main ~, and then another one as a subdirectory (e.g. ~/my-games). If you really want to do a proper split between, you would need to implement Logical Volume Management, which is not really intended for small users and would require a full reformat of both drives.

/boot/efi is the partition your UEFI looks to when deciding how to load an operating system. It tells the computer to go to /boot to run the bootloader, which then boots your main OS. Both are very necessary.

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