Partition manager shows disk size correctly but wrong size in file manager

I switched my hard drive. I have put the new one into the laptop, connected the old one externally.
Since the new drive is smaller I shrinked the partition so I can copy it to the new drive.
It all starts correctly but then I get a notification that I only have 51MB disk space left.

This is from dolphin properties:
imgur /a id: ezSdTTu
(51MiB of 124,1GiB [100% used])

and this is what it looks like in partition manager:
imgur /a id: MXRB8FY
(/dev/sda1 has 1 partition which is half full, no unallocated disk space is shown)

How can I fix this? It won’t let me post links so I just posted the imgur ids of the images.

Did you resize the filesystem too after resizing the partition?

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no how can I do that? Do I need to boot live for it or can I do it while having the drive mounted as /?

It depends on the filesystem of your drive.

You should search online like “linux resize $filesystem”.

With ext-filesystems, you must do in online, so while being mounted. However, it depends which one you’re actually using.

thanks for the fast and useful responses, I wasnt aware of the difference between filesystem and partition.

For anyone with the same issue and an ext4 system:

boot live linux
run f2disk /dev/sdxY
reboot to your main os

worked for me.

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