Partition for / running out of space

During installation, I allowed a partition of 32 GB for Manjaro system. /home, /Timeshift, /swap are separate partitions.
Now I figured, that there are only 3 GB left for Manjaro system, and only /var takes 11,2 GiB for 8.954 Files, 2.198 Directories. Should I be concerned or take any action?
Thank you!

you can try

df -Th
sudo pacman -Sc
df -Th 
sudo pacman -Qdt 

it is not a good idea to put timeshift on this little space disk

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It looks like the pacman cache
occupies a lot of space

du -h /var/cache/pacman/pkg/

ls -hl /var/cache/pacman/pkg/

Decide whether you still need all the packages from prior updates to be present.
Probably only two or even just one version is enough.
Clean out the rest.

sudo paccache -rk2

Or adjust the graphical tool (pamac-manager) to do that for you.

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Thank you, followed your advices.
In addition to that, I found here

pacman -Qdt
pacman -Rsn $(pacman -Qdt)

to list and remove all packages no longer required as dependencies. Good idea to do that?

that command won’t work - I tried the other way around, but it just lists candidates:
pacman -Qdt $(pacman -Rsn)
something is not right with that combination
It yields the same result as when just using:
pacman -Qdt

If that’s the case - why keep them? :wink:
It’s your decision - it probably won’t be many.

OK, Sorry, my fault: It is in the original soure:
pacman -Rsn $(pacman -Qdtq)
and I dropped the -q (quiet). Are aou OK with this?

Are you OK with this? You and you alone decide for your machine/system.
Unneeded dependencies won’t do anything if installed - besides than eating disk space. They are not needed anymore and therefore not used.

Well, the command now works as intended.
I’d run it if I cared about the few packages it returned for my installation taking up too much space.
For me these are probably some not removed build dependencies from installing AUR packages.
If you are not sure - at least make a mental note sou you know what to look for should something fail.

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