Partition doesnt match system space

Gparted shows 100gb allocated. But filelight and disk manager show differently.
Initially the root partition was 50gb, than i mounted 50 gb more. Second partition’s space wasnt showing in filelight and diskmanager. How can i remount second subpartition or use it’s space?

yes, i shrinked windows and tried to extend this

I cannot answer the question but i notice you have only 5 gb left on the root, and very soon you will face serious problems. At least delete pacman/pamac cache. Trim the logs (journalctl vacuum). Delete backups, etc. You will probably free about 6 Gb that way and it should be the minimum.

How did you manage to fill up 100 GB? Maybe you can try some terminal tools like du or df as root, something is obviously hidden on those screenshots. Something very big.


sudo du -xhd1 / | sort -h

It may take a while.


It’s not that difficult, if you use a few very large programs. For instance last time I used them, mplabx and stm32cubeide together took up ~20GiB, unreal engine 4 was ~90GiB.

the things is i didnt
when there were only 50gb partition i decided to extend it because it was running low on memory.
I made partition 5, but it didnt add any space, flashlight was showing the same after partitioning.
I created topic, but didnt get any help

manjaro is actually used only for go development

so how to find it?

Try this:

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Please don’t post pictures of text, just copy and paste the text.

Looks like /var is taking up a lot of space so:

sudo du -xhd1 /var | sort -h
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4,0K /var/empty
4,0K /var/games
4,0K /var/local
4,0K /var/opt
20K /var/db
28K /var/snap
28K /var/spool
63M /var/tmp
832M /var/log
3,6G /var/cache
58G /var/lib
62G /var
sudo du -xhd1 /var/lib | sort -h

276K /var/lib/mhwd
424K /var/lib/bluetooth
648K /var/lib/dkms
3,2M /var/lib/gdm
122M /var/lib/pacman
130M /var/lib/systemd
135M /var/lib/postgres
165M /var/lib/snapd
57G /var/lib/docker
58G /var/lib

sudo du -xhd1 /var/lib/docker | sort -h       
4,0K /var/lib/docker/runtimes
4,0K /var/lib/docker/swarm
4,0K /var/lib/docker/tmp
16K /var/lib/docker/plugins
108K /var/lib/docker/network
588K /var/lib/docker/containerd
792K /var/lib/docker/containers
22M /var/lib/docker/buildkit
44M /var/lib/docker/image
19G /var/lib/docker/overlay2
39G /var/lib/docker/volumes
57G /var/lib/docker

so probably now i can find weak spots by myself, but why flashlight doesnt show this space as well as diskmanager?

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I don’t know, never really used them.

I know I said just copy and paste, but I should’ve said to also use code tags. So you select the text and press </>.

Or you can do it manually by putting 3 backticks around it, like so:


which gives you this:

okay, will use it in future
thanks a lot, really helped me
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You’re welcome. :smiley:

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Because of permissions. As normal user you are not allowed to access /var/lib/docker for example.

stat /var/lib/docker

You would need to run those Apps as root.

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So you now know you have 60 GB docker. Either move it, or the whole var to a new partition. Or just clean the docker install and containers a bit. I cannot help there, i am not acquaintad with docker.

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