Partial update broke my system, openssl edition

Hello everyone,

I committed the terrible mistake of partially updating my system, installing the newest openssl version without a proper full upgrade of my system.

This led to every command relying on openssl screaming at me that they couldn’t find the file /usr/lib/ I manually installed the file but that only moved the problem as now the error message prompt : sudo: /usr/lib/ version OPENSSL_3.0.0’ not found (required by /usr/lib/sudo/` .

I went with a live USB to access my file system via manjaro-chroot but pacman is down, I’m unable to complete my system update and I didn’t find a way to “manually” install the package without getting locked behind the same errors.

I don’t know what to try from there, any help appreciated

Boot live iso and try updating (not in chroot) with this:

sudo sed -i 's/ trap/#trap/' /usr/lib/manjaro-tools/
exit | manjaro-chroot -a
pacman-mirrors -f5
pacman --sysroot /mnt -Syu

What do you mean with “pacman is down”?

Thank you @zbe !

Your solution was correct, except I had to use --root instead of --sysroot in order to have a working name resolution for the command.

Running the external pacman call allowed me to fix the system!

@mithrial I meant that pacman wasn’t usable, due to the same errors I mentioned with sudo, it produced nothing but errors from when I was in chroot.

Yes, I guess that happened because of a broken system. Or because --sysroot is weird.
Hard to put together one-for-all command. Anyway, glad you fixed it.

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