Parental Control

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Even after searching through the forum, I cannot see lots of information regarding parental control on Manjaro. I think it would be helpful to gather here important information on that topic, for the good of the kids !

I would start by the following : apparently, CTparental is a well known and relatively user friendly software to ensure parental control on Linux. I cannot find any installation tutorial dedicated to Manjaro, could you describe the few steps to install it ?

Any other easy alternative is also welcome !

thank you :smiley: :smiley:

Hi @gemini1, and welcome!

Please see:

Hope this helps!


Yes thank you, in fact I already read this, it is a list of interesting tools, but I am looking for a “turnkey” solution, easy to use and to set up.
I saw that “CTparental” was such a thing but i don’t know how to install it on manjaro…

In most areas, Manjaro is not “turnkey” (and perhaps never will be :wink: ) (except for packages provided by default)

Manjaro is more of a clever (well-maintained) toolbox that can be used to do all sorts of things. But you also need to be a bit of a do-it-yourselfer.


It depends on the DE (Desktop Environment) you’re using. For example, GNOME already has Parental Controls implemented. See also Fedora and Parental Controls - Fedora Magazine for more detail.

If its just the internet a number of DNS providers offer some solutions … OpenDNS, for example, has parental controls baked into the management if you wish to use it.
Depending on actual use-case, I might say thats all you need next to a permissions system that disallows sudo or installing things.

Technically any kid motivated enough will be able to get around these things … whether its a live USB to boot from, or just using a friends system. But thats maybe besides the point.

I am in fact using XFCE :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes indeed, I am aware that if motivated, my kid can possibly get around the control. And it is worth reminding it.
That being said, i want to implement such a control to:

  • avoid the kid doing something bad / seeing something bad by “chance”, without willing it
  • increase the required motivation level to get around the control !

So on the DNS side you can just use
I recall OpenDNS provides such features with more control.
Thats not exhaustive … check if your preferred DNS offers such a thing.

As to a non-privileged user. That should be a trivial addition in your desktop system settings.
(just make sure they are not an ‘admin’ user)