Pantum P2502W: Print service not available

I have Manjaro 20.2 running cinnamon and trying to install the printer Pantum P2502W. I downloaded the driver from the website at https:// global.pantum .com/global/drive/p2502w/ (sorry, forum rules won’t let me post links). I was not able to ran the installer without issue. I was unable to print. I tried adding a new printer with Print Settings by extracting the PPD file from the driver. I am still unable to print. Now Print Settings errors with “Print service not available. Start the service on this computer or connect to another server.” Clicking on the “Start Service” button does nothing. Manage Printing (localhost:631) is unable to connect. The printer and driver work as expected on Windows 10. However, I need to get this printer to work with Manjaro. Any tips? Thank!

Try the pantum-p2200-p2500-driver in the AUR.

I downloaded this file https:// aur.archlinux .org/packages/pantum-p2200-p2500-driver/ (remove white spaces). This installer behaved similar as the one downloaded from the pantum website.

sudo ./
./ line 8: cd: too many arguments
64bit system
Cannot run program dpkg: No such file or directory
system return 32512
delete event occurred

If you insist on using their, based on that error you got, then install dpkg

pamac install dpkg
and run the installer again.

I don’t insist on using it. As previously mentioned, I retrieved the PPD file from the driver download and still could not get the printer to work.

That won’t work as dpkg will try and install Debian packages Manjaro does not have.

Do what now? Use:

pamac install pantum-p2200-p2500-driver

I looked through the file downloaded from aur.archlinux and could not locate
pantum-p2200-p2500-driver in it. Consequently pamac install failed. Do you have more info on this? From within the LinuxInstall directory I ran the following command:

pamac install pantom-p2200-p2500-driver
Error: target not found: pantom-p2200-p2500-driver

Please read this first, you’ve missed a step:

You’re right. I overlooked that. Thanks Yochanan!

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