Pantheon - unable to log out and log back in

Hello all,

I am using Pantheon in Manjaro based on the instructions in Pantheon Shell on Archlinux (Page 30) / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums

I am using LightDM with lightdm-gtk-greeter. (see … 4#p1928724 ) because of the following problem:
With lightdm-pantheon-greeter enabled, if I open a file save or file open dialog, it always appears full screen on my second monitor, which is smaller than my primary one.
As a result, the top and bottom margins of the dialog are cut off until I move that dialog window to my primary screen.
That’s why I now use lightdm-gtk-greeter.

When I log out of the current session, I expect that I get back to the login screen (greeter) asking me to choose my DE and to log in again.

Instead, when using Pantheon, the screen blanks and afterwards, the Pantheon wallpaper reappears but without WingPanel and/or Plank. There is also no right-click menu anymore when clicking on the desktop.

All I can do in this situation is switching to a text console and either kill X or reboot.

As this does not happen with xfce, I assume that there is some Pantheon setting that needs to be corrected.

Thank you very much for any hint in advance and kind regards,