Panon is not compatible with Plasma 6

Hi, I accidentally upgraded to plasma 6 and now the desktop widgets stopped working, I understand that they are not compatible with the version because it says “This graphic element was written for an older version of Plasma and is not compatible with Plasma 6. Please contact the author of the graphic element to get an updated version”, but panon, NowPlaying and ClearClock stopped displaying, do you know how I can fix it? or how I can go back to the previous version, I’m not very familiar with manjaro. I’ll leave a before and after capture. ty

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I’m afraid that if you want to continue using Manjaro, then there’s no other option but to go with the flow and accept Plasma 6. Manjaro is a (curated) rolling-release distribution and must be fully kept up to date. Therefore, partial update scenarios are bound to lead to breakage and are not supported.

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That said, you can always search for plugins and widgets that are compatible with Plasma 6, and even though there may not be any to your liking at the moment, you have to bear in mind that Plasma 6 is still very fresh, and that as such, the community hasn’t had the time yet to develop third-party widgets and add-ons for it. But sooner or later, those will arrive eventually. So all it takes is a little patience. :wink:


I was about to mention that there is no accidental upgrading to Plasma 6, and that these updates are a required consequence of using a so-called rolling release distribution.

However, it seems that @Aragorn has already covered the relevant points; only with more words; so, I’ll just add “Yeah, what he said!” :wink:



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That was no accident - this is the available Plasma on Manjaro

you cannot

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