Panel resizing issue with Plasma

I have tried solving this problem over at the KDE forum, but they’re out of ideas. Here and here are the posts with the details of my problem; in a nutshell, I’m missing the GUI options to resize new panels, and I can’t make them not maximize horizontally (I have no handles or ruler when in edit mode, I can’t check/unchek the “maximize panel” option…).

What’s more, I have two laptops running Plasma on Manjaro and they both have this problem, which makes me think it’s likely a Manjaro problem.

Any ideas?

In your desktop or your current panel right click on any empty space


Then click on the settings icon at right bottom corner


Could you share any screen shots so others can see what you are trying to do? I understand what you have written but can’t visualize which part you are referring to.
(This is mine)

Makes me think its a configuration issue.
Does it happen with a fresh user account?

If I understand correctly what you want to do I think it’s this: When you enter edit mode, see the tooltip in my screenshot that says drag…, move your cursor to the very edge of the screen, and right click and drag, and do on the other side too.

All you need to do is change to another theme. I just installed Zafiro-Nord & Zafiro-Dark on my PC & neither of them provided the arrows to resize the panel width on my system, as shown by this screenshot after I set Zafiro-Nord-V2 as my theme:

When I changed back to my regular theme (Peace-Color-Plasma), the resize arrows section reappeared:

So it is definitely an issue related to the Zafiro themes, not your system. After you have adjusted the panel width using another theme, switching back to Zafiro should keep the new width setting.

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Do they both have that theme? Then it’s a problem with the theme, unless you can reproduce the issue on a new user with default theme.

Amazing! That did it. Thank you so much!

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