Pamac Updates Indicator doesnt update

Manjaro’s Pamac-Updates-Indicator (extension) in the Gnome top panel, doesn’t update to show the green dot (updates available)

I’ve noticed this issue for roughly 6 months.
Sometimes it may indicate an update after a reboot, but generally I don’t see a dot there.
In the cases when the dot does show & I update, then the dot doesn’t go away!?

I’ve found there have been large updates [stable releases] & I am 5 days late in discovering them because I have to open Pamac & click updates to find out.
I use the computer every day & periodically all day long, so something is wrong that the icon doesn’t manage to update for many days in a row.

If this is just affecting me what steps should I take to fix it?
I’m not sure if it’s relevant but I do find I use sleep more often these days, just shutting the lid at night rather than shutting down. So could this be due to the extension only checking on boot & not after wake?

Additionally, in extensions when I locate Pamac Updates Indicator & click ‘more details’ it simply says: “? An Error Occurred”

I recommend using pacman or pamac on terminal.

Pacman downloads the update list every 4 hours.

Manually checking is what I am currently doing.

Pamac Updates Indicator is a built-in feature of Manjaro Gnome, so I would prefer to have it working.

It’s far more convenient to have a visual & automatic indicator than to manually check.

I’m not sure what the cause is but I’d like to mention that my extension switches the color of the icon to red when updates are ready to install. (this might have something to do with icon settings or lack of something on my part)

I’ve had the same notification issue in the past and from what I can tell this might be my cause, however I’m not able to provide a solution and the behavior of not showing updates went away for me in recent updates.

What extensions screen do you use? There is a button Website and that links to pamac on the manjaro gitlab instance. No other settings / info. That the link does not work might be an indicator something else is wrong.

Ahh yes, I use ‘Extensions Manager’ instead of the default one, I had forgotten about that.
Perhaps that error is unrelated.

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What is the output from

grep RefreshPeriod /etc/pamac.conf

RefreshPeriod = 6

I’ve also noticed this on Plasma from time to time.

Well, so much for that hoped-for easy fix. I have been wondering if there are signs in your logs that show where the check-for-updates process is failing. I have been searching my own logs to try to figure out where my process is succeeding so you would then know what to look for, but I can’t seem to find the relevant entries.

For reference this is what my system logs about pamac in 10 minutes after a reboot. There does not seem to be a log specific for update checks.

feb 12 09:30:12 gid gnome-shell[1061]: Extension already installed in /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ will not be loaded
feb 12 09:36:32 gid dbus-daemon[1669]: [session uid=1000 pid=1669] Activating service name='org.manjaro.pamac.manager' requested by ':1.15' (uid=1000 pid=1731 comm="/usr/bin/gnome-shell")
feb 12 09:36:33 gid dbus-daemon[1669]: [session uid=1000 pid=1669] Successfully activated service 'org.manjaro.pamac.manager'

This page explains the debug options in the shell and the way to gather data about a extension, however this does not make me any wiser since in my situation the extension reports no errors and the gdm session log in my ~ is not there. This might give some insight if your experience is different tho.

Manjaro’s own Pamac-updates-indicator for Gnome is still not working for new updates.
Can someone at Manjaro inc. update the extension to check for updates after a certain time?
If I don’t reboot it does nothing.

~ I am using recent ISO install so I think it’s just an issue with the extension that needs looking at, there is nothing the user can do.

bit of a shot in the dark here, but do you have the pamac-cli package installed?

the reason I ask is that the pamac indicator did not work for me until I installed the pamac-cli package, but that was on endeavourOS and using the pamac-all package (both pamac packages are from the AUR on that distro), so not sure if anything similar would happen in manjaro.

the manjaro wiki says that pamac-cli should be installed w/ the GUI packages for pamac, and I would expect that would be installed from the latest ISO you mentioned, but figured I would mention it.