Pamac update without update?

Hi there,
i’m trying to update via console with:

sudo pamac checkupdates -a

and it shows me there some udpates:

google-chrome 121.0.6167.184-1 → 122.0.6261.57-1 AUR
youtube-music 3.3.1-1 → 3.3.2-1 AUR

but two line below that there are 2 outdated Programs:

tclkit 8.6.11-1 AUR
thorium-browser-bin 120.0.6099.235-2 AUR

How could i update/upgrade this two?


First dont use sudo with pamac.
and dont use sudo in general if you dont need to, such as for searching something.

Second … if you are asking how to selectively upgrade, then I should tell you not to do this in general.

But, as these are only a few extremely non-foundational AUR packages then you can just install (build) them just as if you were doing so for the first time, ex;

pamac build tclkit

Ah okay @cscs , thanks.

an aur program being flagged out of date does not mean there is an update available for it, just that someone has marked it as needing one.

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