Pamac: trouble uninstalling Ardour

Manjaro KDE.

I use Ardour, and install from the binary provided by However, for testing / bug reporting I recently also installed Ardour 7.1 from official repositories via pamac.

Now pamac wants me to upgrade to 7.2, but I already installed that from, so instead of upgrading I prefer to uninstall this version. But I can’t, because pamac complains

could not satisfy dependencies:
- removing ardour breaks dependency 'lv2-host' required by avldrums.lv2

I think I installed avldrums separately (with pamac) before installing Ardour 7.1, but my memory might not be entirely precise.

So my question is, can I uninstall ardour without removing avldrums first? Will doing so force me to reinstall avldrums anyway?

Hi @al_F,

It’s not clear to me how you are trying to uninstall it. But if you’re using pamac, it shouldn’t want to remove a dependency.

Please provide the output of the following:

pamac search ardour


pamac info ardour

Or you could just uninstall everything and reinstall avldrums again afterwards.


It is a Bad IdeaTM to have software not installed by pamac or pacman. Because if it didn’t install it, it doesn’t know about it. And if it doesn’t know about it, situations like this can quickly arise.

No, because of the dependency.

avldrums (the package) requires lv2-host, which some packages provide, including ardour.
Here’s the line from the Arch package page:

lv2-host (qtractor, jalv, audacity, ardour, ecasound, carla, element, guitarix, muse, reaper)

So, if you want to uninstall the repo ardour, but still have lv2-host installed, you need to first install one of the other packages that provide lv2-host, like audacity, element, muse, reaper etc. When that is done, you can remove the ardour repo package and only have the binary one you downloaded.

I thought it was clear I was using pamac since I wrote this:

But if you’re asking if I’m using gui or cli, then I mostly prefer the gui and it was what I tried here.

There is a balance here: the ardour developers require me to use their binary as provided by to have official suppport. Now Manjaro wants me to use pacman or pamac to handle installs and uninstalls, again for support reasons. While both makes perfect sense, in practical life I can’t have both at the same time. I’ve been using Ardour a lot longer than I have been using Manjaro, and in general I’ve run into fewer problems with their official binary than with community provided versions, so I want to stick with that.

I have use for Audacity from time to time, so will install that to take care of the dependencies.

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