Pamac tray not warning about flatpak updates

I noticed something today, pamac tray not warning me about flatpak updates (warns me about manjaro repo updates tho)!
I was thinking “strange no flatpak updates this week” since I only use pamac to update flatpaks and AUR (only 1 AUR package I use tho), so I cliked on the tray and instead of opening the updates tab it opened the Store instead (when I clicked the tray in the past it always opened in updates tab) and then when I changed to the updates tab there it was, a bunch of flatpaks to update… anyone with this problem or bug?
This happened since this last major update, before it pamac was functioning correctly.
I always update the system via terminal using pacman and use pamac only to update flatpaks and AUR.
This is not a big problem, pamac still do the updates correctly, I just think it’s a bit odd…

I’m experience this problem since a year now, it worked for me only for 2-3 month after i used/activated flatpak for the first time.

Since then i had to use this command to update my Flatpak in Terminal:

flatpak update --system

All in all as stated make sure the Flatpak plugin is installed and then only use Pamac to check for updates to see what’s out there. Then I would suggest installing Topgrade cause it will update EVERYTHING except theme components. For theme components use Discover, but do not use Discover for anything else. As for Pamac it does not always find all updates, nor does it always finish installing without erroring out whereas boing your updates from your terminal rather using Topgrade or other methods is far less likely to error out.

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Thanks but I already have those plugins installed (keeping GTK4), but as i said is not really a problem since when I click the pamac tray icon even tho it opens the store instead, when I change to the updates tab it shows all the updates available (manjaro repos, flatpaks and AUR), so is not really a problem! Thanks anyway Aragorn !!!

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Oh nice to see is not just me!
For me it started with this last major update.
I thought flatpak upgrade was the command to update flatpaks via terminal but nice to know, thanks!

Didn’t know about Topgrade, thanks!
I’m confortable with the terminal so I always have that option wich is generally the best, so if any other metod fails I can always update flatpaks and AUR via terminal.

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