Pamac takes a really long time to open Pi 4

Hey guys, I am not sure if this has already been reported or not and I should have reported this a lot sooner but ever since the GTK 4 update for pamac come out it takes a really long time to open it on the Raspberry pi 4, I know the IO speed on the pi 4 isn’t the best even with a fast SD card but I really hope this could be optimised for the pi as it’s a kinda annoying experience especially when you want to install packages, change pamac setting etc. Also since XFCE4 using GTK 3 and not 4 the theme defaults to light, I wish Pamac had a option in the drop down menu to change the theme like other GTK 4 apps.

Has anyone else experienced this at all?

I have never used pacmac but it takes 3-4 seconds here to open xfce installed on a ssid. I have pamac-gtk3 10.6.0-0.1 installed. Going through the menu’s seems pretty fast to me. I have my pi400 overclocked to 2200.

I do not know what you think is light but my theme seems to be dark to me.

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As you correctly note Xfce does not support GTK4 yet - so I suggest you replace with pamac-gtk3

Ahh right I see so the normal pamac package is what I assume is the one for Gnome and GTK 4 which is a lot heavier on the pi 4 so there is a pamac-gtk3 package and that indeed works better, thanks for letting me know :+1:

It looks like back when the xfce image was created pamac-gtk (gtk3 )was installed. Since then it went to using gtk4. I have no clue how I wound up with pamac-gtk3 installed since I do not use pamac. I changed xfce to install pamac-gtk3 in editions in manjaro-arm-tools today.

Thinking back about a year ago I had to uninstall pamac on Mate when it was not loading up correctly and causing an issue with shutdown. That may have been the same problem with it using gtk4.

make sure that xdg-desktop-portal-gnome is NOT installed on NON Gnome DE.


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