Pamac shows updates for packages that do not appear elsewhere, breaks SDDM if allowed to update

Good afternoon all.

Pamac shows updates for several git packages (kauth-git, kconfig-git, kpeople-git, etc…) from the AUR, in addition to a few other packages.

If I try to update packages with pacman, it says no updates are available.

Here is what I have done:

  • Ran: pacman -Syyu and pacman -Syyuu

  • Refreshed databases in pamac

  • Ignored it for a few weeks and hoped it would go away (it did not)

I do not know how else to troubleshoot this and similar threads on the internet have not helped. If I update with Pamac, my SSDM breaks and I have to revert to an earlier backup of my system to restore it. This could be due to a different issue I created, but it is hard to tell.

Is pamac showing these git packages an issue? If so, what could be the cause of the discrepancy between pamac and pacman? What are some steps I can take to resolve it?

pacman does not access the AUR and can therefore not be used for updating packages from the AUR. You have to use either pamac or yay for that.

That’s probably because of the -git packages.

Then don’t install bleeding edge packages from the AUR. Install the repo versions; i.e., kauth, kconfig, kpeople, etc.

Thanks for the clarification Aragorn and Yochanan, I never noticed the lack of AUR items in pacman. That should have been obvious to me.

I do not recall explicitly installing the git versions of these packages, is this something I would have had to have done manually?

Yes, because the standard installation doesn’t come with any -git packages. You probably installed something from the AUR that had the -git packages as dependencies.

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