Pamac shows some packages in the wrong language

I have set my language Regional Language settings to Deutsch/German as default, American English and finally francais.

Expected behavior:

  1. Show Everything in German
  2. Use English as fallback
  3. Use French if English is also not available / basically ignore this setting since English is always available

Actual behavior:

  1. Most applications that are availible in German show up with german text
  2. most show up in english
  3. Some show up completely or partly in french even though they are availible in english
    e.g. see Minecraft Flatpak:

    some other examples I found, though most show up as expected:

This happens even if I set English as Default language,

and also if I set German>American English>British English>French, the only way to not show anything in french that is available in German or English is to completely remove french from the list.

This issue has persisted since a few updates or since I initially added french to the list, but since its not really a major issue I didn’t bother until now.

So is there any way to fix this without removing french as an additional language? Or is this a package issue since the English descriptions aren’t always marked as 100% correct so it fallback to the french version or so?

My system infos if it matters:


KDE Plasma Version: 5.24.6
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.96.0
Qt Version: 5.15.5
Kernel Version: 5.18.11-1-MANJARO (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: X11
Manjaro-Testing Branch

I don’t know the criteria which is used when displaying text but many applications do not have localised texts.

Especially Plasma has some weird interpretations on language.

I think you could spare your self some confusion by using one language only.

English will - no matter if it is shown or not - be the fallback language.

But the minecraft Flatpak for instance has an English description as you can see in my first screenshot :thinking:

At any time - the text displayed will be depending on what is available in the app stream database from where the data is pulled.

Pamac is capable of utilising multiple package sources and packages from these sources are not guaranteed to have descriptions matching your preferred language - in which case - as you have defined multiple languages - it selects what it thinks is the closest match.

Perhaps the system gets confused on the selection of language and is trying to figure out which to choose - I don’t know - but when you have multiple display languages it is not always obvious to a computer which one to choose.

As noted above - you could limit the confusion.