Pamac showing AUR updates but won't update

Pamac Gui and pamac checkupdates -a are showing an update for beyond compare for to When I try and update via the gui or cli I get the error that beyond compare is upto date. Any ideas ?

Checking bcompare dependencies... Checking bcompare-cinnamon dependencies... Synchronizing package databases... Warning: bcompare- is up to date -- skipping Warning: bcompare-cinnamon- is up to date -- skipping

The issue is with pamac as I can update both packages with Yay. Wondering if the last testing branch update broke something ?

Looks like its a pamac issue,i closed the issue thinking aur upgrades works again but looks like its not

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I remember seeing your post now. Fingers crossed it gets sorted on the next update

functionality and not a bug …
all is in message : “is up to date – skipping”
when package is flagged “up to date” pamac not install

Definitely a bug,if you see the image I attached in the gitlab issue,antimicrox new version was 3.1.6-1,I had 3.1.5-1 and pamac claimed it was up to date.

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The package wasn’t upto date and wouldn’t update with pamac but it updated with yay. I’d say that is a bug rather than a message. Hopefully someone else can confirm they have the same issue rather than just the 2 of us

ok my bad, when i read code source, we have big re-write for calculate package dates in alpm_package.vala (commit v11.1)
replace uint by object datetime and now call DateTime.from_unix_local() in outofdate() method

notification test only version, but alpm test also date ?? maybe, depending on the time zone, you have to wait a few hours to install it ??


If you go to the package PKGBUILD tab in Pamac, and click the reset button, you can then click Apply and then it works, if you don’t reset the PKGBUILD and click Apply it doesn’t update, but then tells you there is an update, and you can loop like this forever.


I just had two AUR updates (GZDoom and Python Rapidfuzz) and they went well. I didn’t follow Pamac updates, but is the issue fixed or is it not consistently failing?

//EDIT: checked Pamac commits and nothing new there… now that I think about it a couple days ago I went into Pamac Preferences and cleaned all the cache so that might be why it worked this time, will see on next AUR updates for these packages.

I had an update for zoom from the aur today and that updated fine with pamac so hopefully it’s resolved now