Pamac search suggestions

I want to know what happened to Pamac’s search functionality at all.

It use to be, while Pamac wasa GTK2 app that search queries would show AUR in the “All” section. Now I have to select AUR specifically. What’s going on with that?

Also, a point of advice if I may — Synaptic has support for Xapian to index results and show what’s available. Maybe Pamac can use such a means to refresh results per-key as a user searches?

Could you not just do a simple forum search, instead of necroposting on a 2020 thread?


You tell me that without linking to relevant threads that might answer my question.

How useful.

It is irrelevant, to dig an unrelated years old thread, to ask a question answered already multiple time on the forum, that you could find if you took the time to search.

How useful is you thread digging to avoid looking up for the info available?

But as you seem to be needing others to do it for you, there you go… three keywords… Search results for 'pamac search aur order:latest' - Manjaro Linux Forum

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Responsible use of AUR
…draw your own conclusions, but don’t miss the impudence in post 95 .

More specifically:

Also, see

Just another source: you can go through linked threads there starting from the searching "All" no longer searches all repos (#1168) · Issues · Applications / pamac · GitLab and you will see the same requests and the current answer finally.