Pamac - Release notes?

Are there release notes for each package update in Manjaro repo and AUR?

If there are, is it possible to view them in Pamac or some other GUI?

pacman -Qc <package> prints the changelog for a given package, but hardly any package has a changelog, and I’m not sure if pamac supports it at all. On my system only josm, jq, kid3, kid3-common, libexttextcat, powertop, and unace have a changelog, but most of them are very incomplete.

98% of the packages supplied by Manjaro is directly from Arch repo.

Only packagse know to cause issues on Manjaro and Arch specials like zen kernel and Nvidia are not synced from Arch but built by the Manjaro build server.

But why does this make having release notes not possible?

If Arch package releases have release notes, they could be ported over to Manjaro releases? And if they dont, maybe the Manjaro developers could add some release notes?

I didn’t say anything on possibilities - just stating a fact - If you want release notes for Arch packages - you got to look at the Arch repo.

Manjaro does not rebuild the packages from Arch - it is just a fancy mirror - and the work is done in spare time - unpaid - by volunters.

Writing release notes and documentation can be expected when you have a huge paid team where some are dedicated to the task of writing release notes and documentation.

Even the task of getting the release page for manjaro-hello translated and maintained is on ongoing challenge.

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