Pamac pacman upgrade

After my previous post regarding pamac… i thought manjaro always recommend upgrade or install package using pamac (because pamac will auto update and upgrade for you so no partial upgrade issue).
I did run pamac to install a package yesterday… it upgraded everything.
I just run pamac just now to see if there is anything to upgrade: it said no thing to upgrade “your system is up-to-date”.
But when i run pacman -Syu : pacman asked me if i want to proceed with firefox and thunderbird installation …!!

Why isn’t pamac suppose to upgrade everything so there will be no partial upgrade issue on system ? why pacman now have something to upgrade while pamac said nothing needed to upgrade ?

Can someone explain on this ? Thx.

This is expected. With Pacman you can install a single package manually, you can also do that with Pamac but that requires messing with the Preferences or manually unselect all available updates.

It could be that your package database in Pamac was upgraded recently, and the update dropped in between when you used Pacman afterwards (very probable as upgrade for Firefox and Thunderbird can come any moment without any other system update). Also it can be a difference in the mirror used when using both programs.

Sorry Omano, i don’t get you.
It seems that your reply is having misunderstand of my msg … or just i don’t get you .

My point is, at the current moment, pamac said “your system is up to date already”. but when i checked with pacman -Syu, pacman told me there is still upgrade (for firefox and thunderbird)… isn’t everybody told me pamac is the way to go when it comes to upgrade system ?

why then pamac tells me nothing needed to upgrade, while pacman tell me there is firefox and thunderbird to upgrade ?

I admit I made an error here. Sorry.

I was running pamac on local pc, but was doing pacman -Syu on ssh (remote pc) forgot that it was remote pc.
I tried to run pacman -Syu on local pc which pamac was run… ya, pacman also said nothing to do. … so my mistake. there is no such case. close.

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