Pamac notification priority


I just wanna ask if it wouldn’t be a greater idea that when Pamac sends update notification using libnotify, that it uses critical instead of normal, that way the notification would stay on the screen not making it possible for the user to miss it if he/she is away from the keyboard/screen. He/she will see it when he/she is comming back. Or at least make it a setting that the user can change to critical if wanted. I think that it would be very nice to have as I don’t miss my updates if I’m away for a while. I can always silent it myself if I’m at front of the computer at the moment.

Please create an upstream issue so the developer will actually see it. :wink:

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I use octopi. Its icon on the taskbar is a different color when there are updates, so I wouldn’t need the notification to stay on my screen until I see it. Does pamac’s icon change colors when there are updates?

Yes pamac’s icon changes red when there are updates.