Pamac not found

For some reason, I cannot find pamac or octopi. I tried to to load apper but no luck. Consequently I have no package manager.
I’m a newbie so please be kind. Would be grateful for some
general advice.

What iso did you install? I am pretty sure they all come with pamac.
But the old Arch standard is pacman.

pacman -Qs pamac

The above command will search installed packages for pamac.

And heres the wiki section for how to manage software with manjaro:


Thank you for your help. I have now installed pamac.
The iso used was MANJARO_XFCE_212RC1.
Think I must have lost pamac but not sure how!

Are you really sure Pamac was missing? Pamac is the default package manager of Manjaro and it comes pre-installed with Manjaro’s Xfce edition. But, you won’t find the menu item Pamac, because in the menu Pamac is called Add/Remove Software. So maybe there is just a little misunderstanding.

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