Pamac nightmare on KDE

Nice screenshots. Glad you posted them. Really interesting thread, nice relevant info.

Here are mine:

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How can they release the app without any simple test on KDE ? Do they think all Linux users are using GNOME !

I’m using KDE.

Which theme are you using ?

The GTK theme I selected is Adwaita.

I’ll stop being sarcastically sneaky… click the three dot at the bottom on my initial post.
I already reported the issue long time ago. It is a theme issue as explained by Pamac developer. I guess you are using Breath 2 dark theme. Unfortunately most themes need an update apparently. Adwaita seem to be the only theme without color issue in Pamac. Problem is not Pamac, but probably the lack of updates in the other themes.

All GTK/Qt apps works fine, the only that’s broken is Pamac.

You’re free to report the issue on the proper channel (already linked to it) if you think you’re correct.

But realistically, issue is the theme. Which one are you using?

The official Dark Breeze.

Then you may report issue upstream to KDE. I don’t find Dark Breeze in the available GTK theme on my side. I installed breeze-gtk package but it doesn’t match your screenshots.

There is adwaita-maia as well. It’s tweaked adwaita theme in two variants: normal and compact.

It’s called Breeze, it’s the default theme on Plasma Desktop. For GTK theme you select Breeze and then select Breeze Dark color scheme.

Under application style I set the configure Gnome/GTX Application Style to Adwaita-dark and have no issues with pamac or virtualbox.I first started using KDE I didn’t know about that setting and alot of my apps didn’t look right.