Pamac never sees updates until I do pacman-mirrors -c all

I have a desktop PC and a netbook. Both have XFCE Manjaro installed, both are on stable branch. But every time that updates become available, the desktop’s Pamac notifies me about them, the netbook’s pamac does not. If I open Pamac on the netbook and switch to the Updates tab, it also does not show anything. I have waited up to a day, after that the netbook still does not see updates. Every time I have to manually do sudo pacman-mirrors -c all on the netbook for it to see updates. What can be the matter?

Try refreshing your mirrors:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

Thanks, I’ll try that. Gonna wait till next update comes out to see if it works.

Make sure in Preferences for Pamac you have set to check for updates and the interval for it


Then in Official Repositories tab you select a Country or let it Worldwide (up to you)


After this you should always have the system check for updates and notify you.

Yes, I checked all these settings before posting this question. They were exactly like this, but still no updates would be seen until I would do sudo pacman-mirrors -c all.

But is the pamac-mirrorlist.service enabled? It triggers the timer so all that will be done automatically.

It is inactive, but on the desktop it is also inactive, yet the desktop always sees updates. And from what I understood from systemctl status pamac-mirrorlist.service it is the opposite, pamac-mirrorlist.timer triggers pamac-mirrorlist.service. And pamac-mirrorlist.timer is enabled and active on the netbook.

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That seems to work, the today’s update was seen at the same time both by the desktop and the netbook. If the next update is also seen, I’m gonna mark this as the solution! :slight_smile:

Though I don’t understand why: as far as I understand pacman-mirrors -f updates the mirror list using all default settings, while pacman-mirrors -c all uses all default settings except that it explicitly tells to update the mirrors for all countries. So what, the option for using all countries was somehow harmful in my case? o_O

As far as I know pacman-mirrors -f updates the mirror list with the fastest mirrors and the -c all flag does a complete reset of the list using all countries in a random order. I think and you’ll have to know that I’ve been using linux for only 9 months now, is that the mirrorlist you generated with -c all where not up to date yet (out of sync mirrors on top?). Someone more knowledgeable should correct me on that.

I myself use this command to generate my mirror list:
sudo pacman-mirrors --country Netherlands,Germany --api --protocol https

That generates a list using mirrors from those two countries only and only the ones using the https protocol.

See the following link for more info:


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