Pamac-Manager Authentication Failure

The other day, pamac-manager started to fail in building or installing any package. It would say “authentication failure.” Any ideas for what to do with this problem?

Usually is due to issue to Polkit - ArchWiki
Since you tagged XFCE and awesome-wm, make sure you have this enabled at startup


and polkit-gnome is installed. If the issue is only on awesome-wm, then check your startup scripts …

where would I enable that?

If you are on XFCE then in Settings > Session and Startup > Application Autostart

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I usually use Awesome-WM daily, how could I change it there?

In your autostart.lua you should have an entry something like this:

os.execute("/usr/lib/policykit-1-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &")
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where is that autostart.lua file? I couldn’t find it in ~/.config/awesome/

It depends how you installed awesome … and how you customize it … might be rc.lua

Would this count as a command to run in the terminal? I have a place to write the commands that I want to be run on startup

Ok then, that command should be there. :slight_smile:

This command doesn’t do anything for me. It still says “authentication failure”. I have 2 users on the system, one “admin”, with sudo permissions, and one with my name with no elevated privileges. On the admin account it works perfectly fine when I use the XFCE desktop.

install auth agent
then add to awesome config (e.g. for gnome)
awful.spawn.with_shell(“exec /usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1”)

must work for all gui apps that needed an authentication

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I installed xfce-polkit and then it worked, I just had to add a command to be executed in my autostart config.

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