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Reading this forum three days ago, I understood from this discussion, that pamac-manager no longer supports any install from AUR even if AUR is activated there; however it supports updates for already installed AUR-packages.
As I’m thinking to install LibreWolf from AUR, I started to find a way.
Today I found this post, showing the AUR-package webcamoid in pamac.
“My” pamac does not show either librewolf nor webcamoid.

  • Where I’m doing wrong?
  • What is the “recommended” procedure to install AUR-packages?

This is incorrect. In Pamac you now need to click on AUR on the left to display search results from the AUR.

Or you could just use the CLI and pamac build <package_name>

So to use librewolf as an example pamac build librewolf

EDIT: You most likely want librewolf-bin


OR …
Read the docs … if for some reason pamac didnt work (it does), or you want to avoid it … you could use a range of other options. Not least of, and you should probably understand this before using the AUR at all, is by the basic makepkg.

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