Pamac Launches on startup

Hi- I’m running latest Manjaro, 5.10xx kernel and XFCE. Pamac has started to automatically launch itself after logging in to the system. I’ve checked under startup applications in the XFCE settings area, can’t see it listed under startup programs, would like to stop this from happening. Please let me know if you need any more information to troubleshoot.


Disclaimer: I don’t use XFCE, and I am not familiar with its settings.

If XFCE offers a setting to store the session and restore it at login, then disable that. Set it to start with an empty session. Then close Pamac, and log out and back in so as to verify whether Pamac still starts automatically.

@marcsitkin i‘m running xfce, and have not really observed a starting of pamac by itself. Do you by any chance refer to it checking for new updates in the background and reporting his in the task bar with the red shield, or is pamac actually popping up in a new window?

Hi, no it was actually open in a window.

Thanks, I deleted the old default and made a new one with a clean desktop. Working now!

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