Pamac - how to install all optional dependencies?

I do not see the pamac command’s switch it in the man page and in the Pamac - Manjaro
What is the command for that?
Or if not there, why not adding it and explain also how to do it manually when prompted for like 6 optional dependencies and i want all.

UPDATE: it appears that i can select optionals on command line prompt like this for example: 1,2,5
or i install these like: pamac install main optional1 optional2

Optional dependencies are what the word says: optional. This means that they are not actual dependencies, but that the package being installed has support for the package listed as an optional dependency.

It would be a Very Bad Idea™ to blindly and/or automatically install all optional dependencies for everything you’ve already got installed on your system. For starters, these optional dependencies may actually conflict with one another, as well as that they may pull in their own dependencies, which in turn could also cause conflicts.

Trust me, you really don’t want to go there.


Thanks. So if i want any particular optional packages, i will install these along with the main package:
pamac install main optional1 optional2
but how i select numerous or all optional packages when i am prompted?

doing so will probably install everything as explicitly installed and not dependencies.

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It would be better to do the following so the optional dependencies are not installed explicitly:

pamac install main
pamac install --as-deps optional1 optional2

If you use Add/Remove Software, it will prompt to choose optional dependencies in a dialog.

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It will not prompt via command line. You’ll need to review them and install them manually.

EDIT: It helps to test it and see. :laughing: It does prompt.

❯ pamac install blender

Choose optional dependencies for blender:
1:  cuda: cycles renderer cuda support

Enter a selection (default=none): 
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