Pamac GUI RAM usage

I just discovered by accident that the Pamac GTK4 GUI (the process pamac-manager) consumes the very impressive 700-800 MB RAM just by opening itself. Is it something on my side that needs fixing, or is it by everybody and nobody noticed, or is it “normal” as in “yeah it is broken but we don’t care” :slight_smile:

Pamac GTK4 consumes about 900MB
whereas Pamac GTK3 consumes about 1,4 GB…

You are kidding me, right?
Just for comparison, Octopi consumes about 160-200 MB

Yepp I can confirm that:

  • Pamac GTK3 → ~190MB
  • Pamac GTK4 → ~800MB

For me that is not an issue, since I have enough RAM and starts in pretty equal time.

Probably just because of the new GTK4 framework.

It’s not the GTK4 by itself, because i have a lot of other gtk4 apps like Baobab and they run normal (with like 100MB). It might be the manjaro implementation of it.

not really.
when i press pamac-gtk3 on “updates”, the gnome-syste-monitor says 850MB
with Pamac-GTK4 on the other hand 950MB

It’s quite probable…

… that pamac is buggy, yes. Otherwise, from the gtk4 crop, i have gnome-logs, baobab, gnome-firmware. Each of them runs with 70 MB RAM. So, no, gtk4 is not THAT resource intensive, otherwise if every program made with it needed a Gig of RAM, nobody would use it.

Probably compare it by pmap:

pmap -p $(pgrep pamac-manager) | sort -h -k2


530989:   pamac-manager
000055e496d2c000      4K rw--- /usr/bin/pamac-manager
00007f4abac5e000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4abb7ff000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4ad81ff000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4ad8e00000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/
00007f4ad8e01000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/
00007f4ad8e02000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/
00007f4ad8e03000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/
00007f4ad8e04000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/
00007f4ad8e57000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gtk-3.0/3.0.0/immodules/
00007f4ad8e58000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gtk-3.0/3.0.0/immodules/
00007f4ad8e59000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gtk-3.0/3.0.0/immodules/
00007f4ad906e000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4ad99fe000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4ada1ff000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4adae98000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adae99000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adae9a000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adaeae000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adaeaf000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adaee6000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adaee7000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adb0a3000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0a4000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0b6000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0b7000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0c4000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0c5000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0e1000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0e2000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0f2000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0f3000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb111000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb112000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb20f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb21f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb220000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb3db000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb3fb000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb3fc000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb3fd000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4adbbfe000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4adc3ff000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4adce76000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce7d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce7e000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce7f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce80000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce81000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce94000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce95000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcec6000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcec7000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf79000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf7a000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf87000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf88000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf8b000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf8c000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf8d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf8e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf8f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf95000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adcf96000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adcf97000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adcffd000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gvfs/
00007f4adee8d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adefe2000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adefed000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adefee000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adeffc000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adeffd000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf00c000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf00d000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf03b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf114000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf115000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf135000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf136000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf2f0000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf315000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf316000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf3ff000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf605000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf608000      4K r---- /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache
00007f4adf60f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf610000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf611000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf614000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf615000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf616000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf617000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf62d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf62e000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf651000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf652000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf673000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf674000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf67b000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf67c000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf67d000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf764000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf765000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adf76c000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf76d000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf76e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf76f000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf770000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf771000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf772000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf784000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf785000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf78c000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf78d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf78e000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf7b9000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf80d000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf80e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf81a000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf81b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf82e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf82f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf883000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf9ff000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff3e000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff70000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff71000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0043000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0044000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae02ff000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0300000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae032a000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae032b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae037c000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae03b6000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae03e3000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0490000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0491000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0492000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0493000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0494000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0495000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04a3000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04a4000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04ce000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04cf000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04db000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04dc000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0501000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae05cf000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae05d9000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae05da000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0672000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06ae000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06af000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06d5000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06d6000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0770000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0771000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae077a000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae077b000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae077c000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae07cd000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae07e6000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae07e7000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae092b000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae092c000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0965000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0966000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0967000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0968000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0969000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae096a000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae096b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0977000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0978000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0979000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae097a000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae097b000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae097c000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae097d000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0980000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0981000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0982000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0983000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0984000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae098f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0990000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09a4000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09a5000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09a6000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09a7000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09a8000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09a9000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09aa000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09af000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09b0000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09c6000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0a0d000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0a13000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0a14000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0a15000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0af0000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0b06000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0b07000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0c98000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0c99000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0d85000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0d86000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0edf000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0eea000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0f09000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0f0a000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0f59000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae108b000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae1195000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1196000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae11ff000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae144d000      4K r--s- /run/user/1000/dconf/user
00007f4ae146a000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae146b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae147a000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae147b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1480000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1481000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1482000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1536000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae15e5000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae172e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae172f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1730000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae1904000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae21d6000      4K r---- /usr/lib/locale/C.UTF-8/LC_COLLATE
00007f4ae223c000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae2282000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22a6000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22a9000      4K r--s- /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/mime/mime.cache
00007f4ae22aa000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22ab000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22ac000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22ad000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22ae000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22e0000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4ae22e1000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
ffffffffff600000      4K --x--   [ anon ]
000055e496d2a000      8K r---- /usr/bin/pamac-manager
00007f4ad8e53000      8K r---- /usr/lib/gtk-3.0/3.0.0/immodules/
00007f4ad8e55000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/gtk-3.0/3.0.0/immodules/
00007f4adb0f4000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb30f000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb3dc000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf6f000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf77000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf85000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf89000      8K r---- /home/user/.config/dconf/user
00007f4adcf93000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adcffe000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adefeb000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adeffa000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adeffe000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adf00a000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf039000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf112000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf3fd000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf606000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adf609000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adf60b000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf60d000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf612000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf618000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adf62f000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adf631000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf671000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf675000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf766000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf768000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf76a000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf773000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf782000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf786000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf80b000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf81c000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf81e000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf884000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0045000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae037a000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae03b7000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae03e1000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04a1000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04d0000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04d9000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04dd000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae04ff000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae05d0000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06b0000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae0772000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae07cb000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae087f000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae096c000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0975000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae097e000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae098d000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09ab000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09ad000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09c4000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0a0b000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0a0e000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0b3f000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0b41000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0ee4000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0ee6000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0ee8000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0eeb000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0f57000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1089000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae143e000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1478000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae147c000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae147e000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1905000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae19fe000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae21cf000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae2280000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22a4000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22a7000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae22de000      8K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4ae2312000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae2314000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007ffc22570000      8K r-x--   [ anon ]
00007f4ad8e1a000     12K r---- /home/user/.local/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache
00007f4adade4000     12K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/699564f050ff7e0f9dae359f33bc56a5-le64.cache-8
00007f4adaded000     12K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/6ba42ae0000f58711b5caaf10d690066-le64.cache-8
00007f4adaed6000     12K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4adaee3000     12K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adb0b8000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0c1000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb20c000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf71000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf74000     12K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf90000     12K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adefe3000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adefef000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf000000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf653000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf7b6000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf817000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf933000     12K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adfef7000     12K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adfefa000     12K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae04df000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae05d6000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06d7000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae07ce000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae087c000     12K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0985000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09c1000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0a10000     12K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0c7f000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0c86000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0c95000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0edc000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae15e2000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae2239000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adae88000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adae94000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adaed9000     16K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adb0a5000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0b2000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0e3000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0ee000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb210000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb21b000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb3f7000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce77000     16K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adce90000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf7b000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adefde000     16K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf00e000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf2ec000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf3b3000     16K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf61a000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf629000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf633000     16K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf677000     16K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf788000     16K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf92f000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf9fb000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff3f000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0193000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0197000     16K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae03b2000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae03b9000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae05d2000     16K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae066e000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06b2000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06d1000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0991000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09a0000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09b1000     16K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0c82000     16K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0ee0000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1085000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae11fb000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1466000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae21d7000     16K rw---   [ anon ]
00007ffc2256c000     16K r----   [ anon ]
00007f4ad8df5000     20K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4ad8e1d000     20K r---- /usr/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache
00007f4adae9b000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adaea9000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb30a000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce82000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adefd9000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adefe6000     20K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf2f1000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae049c000     20K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04fa000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0877000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0988000     20K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09c7000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0b01000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0eed000     20K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae146c000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1531000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae21d1000     20K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ad8dfa000     24K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4adade7000     24K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/b67b32625a2bb51b023d3814a918f351-le64.cache-8
00007f4adaedd000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adb0bb000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf7f000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcff7000     24K r---- /usr/lib/gvfs/
00007f4adf78f000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adfefd000     24K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adff38000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0496000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0774000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0881000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae092d000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09b5000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09bb000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae144e000     24K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adaecf000     28K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4adb0c6000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb0e7000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb214000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf003000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04d2000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae07df000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae096e000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0af1000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0eb1000     28K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1454000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1471000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8d9d000     32K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4adae8c000     32K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adaec7000     32K r---- /usr/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4adb0d9000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce96000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf67000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adeff2000     32K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf3b7000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf80f000     32K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf830000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff03000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae03d9000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0488000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae05c7000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0673000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae07e8000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0ea9000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0f0b000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae18fc000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae2283000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae229c000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8da5000     36K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4adaea0000     36K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adaebe000     36K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/f349e9996a5320f6dd491cedd2b1f964-le64.cache-8
00007f4adb0a9000     36K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce87000     36K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0301000     36K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04c5000     36K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0af8000     36K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae19f5000     36K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae223d000     36K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf30b000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf3a9000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff2e000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0320000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae077d000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae095b000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22af000     40K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4ae22d4000     40K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4ae2308000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcebb000     44K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf61e000     44K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf759000     44K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae02f4000     44K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae03e4000     44K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0995000     44K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0eb8000     44K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0ed1000     44K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae145b000     44K r-x-- /usr/lib/
000055e496cde000     48K r---- /usr/bin/pamac-manager
00007f4adb0cd000     48K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcfeb000     48K r---- /usr/lib/gvfs/
00007f4adee8f000     48K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adf02d000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf7aa000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf7ba000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf7ff000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff64000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff72000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04a5000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06a2000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0b08000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0c89000     48K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae108c000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adaeb1000     52K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/210c0516121708a580e22e6b1f9a103a-le64.cache-8
00007f4adb04b000     52K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb104000     52K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce69000     52K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf775000     52K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae03a5000     52K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1440000     52K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adb0f6000     56K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf104000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf3ef000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf820000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae032c000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0502000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae07d1000     56K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0ae2000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0ec3000     56K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8eaa000     60K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/491f45a0a771fef1c10b9b647a97fb82-le64.cache-8
00007f4adee9b000     60K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae07bc000     60K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae21db000     60K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf886000     64K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf936000     64K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0c9a000     64K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae21bf000     64K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0047000     68K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae037d000     68K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae226f000     68K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae228b000     68K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb091000     72K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf137000     72K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0368000     72K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0476000     72K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb376000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcfc1000     76K r---- /usr/lib/gvfs/
00007f4adf5f2000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf870000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0f5a000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1197000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8eb9000     80K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/614d1caaa4d7914789410f6367de37ca-le64.cache-8
00007f4ae002f000     80K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04b1000     80K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0b2b000     80K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8e05000     84K r---- /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/icon-theme.cache
00007f4adf2f6000     84K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf795000     84K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae030a000     88K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcfd4000     92K r-x-- /usr/lib/gvfs/
00007f4adf67e000     92K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae038e000     92K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0b14000     92K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0ef2000     92K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0f40000     92K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb221000     96K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae04e2000     96K r-x-- /usr/lib/
000055e496d11000    100K r---- /usr/bin/pamac-manager
00007f4adaee8000    100K r---- /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled
00007f4adb113000    100K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb3de000    100K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0a16000    100K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1483000    100K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1537000    100K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf637000    104K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae05db000    104K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae221f000    104K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf012000    108K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf656000    108K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06b6000    108K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae11e0000    108K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22b9000    108K r-x-- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f4adaf7e000    112K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4adf38d000    112K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae03bd000    112K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0b43000    112K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adce9e000    116K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf317000    120K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf911000    120K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09cc000    120K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae15e6000    120K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf116000    124K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ac4000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ac8000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4acc000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ad0000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ad4000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adcec8000    132K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff43000    132K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae09ea000    132K r---- /usr/lib/
00007ffc224ed000    132K rw---   [ stack ]
00007f4adaf5b000    140K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4adf03c000    140K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff0b000    140K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae150d000    144K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb351000    148K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8e5a000    152K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/f2e43df3287529323e79e7929dc44cc9-le64.cache-8
00007f4adaf35000    152K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4ae0648000    152K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1200000    152K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae22e2000    152K r-x-- /usr/lib/
000055e496cea000    156K r-x-- /usr/bin/pamac-manager
00007f4adf9d4000    156K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae067b000    156K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0933000    160K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf98000    164K r--s- /usr/share/mime/mime.cache
00007f4ae2246000    164K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8e80000    168K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/8d4af663993b81a124ee82e610bb31f9-le64.cache-8
00007f4ae059d000    168K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1907000    168K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0745000    172K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0f13000    180K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcf39000    184K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae033a000    184K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf3bf000    192K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8e22000    196K r---- /usr/share/icons/Papirus-Dark-Maia/icon-theme.cache
00007f4ae0846000    196K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb2d8000    200K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae019b000    200K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adaf01000    208K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f4adf724000    212K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae015e000    212K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0787000    212K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae21ea000    212K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae115f000    216K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae11aa000    216K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0aab000    220K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae104e000    220K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae15ab000    220K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf838000    224K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae08f3000    224K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb058000    228K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb1d3000    228K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf7c6000    228K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1731000    228K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf0c6000    248K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adef9a000    252K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb311000    256K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf149000    260K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8128000    284K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/Roboto-Bold.ttf
00007f4ad8dae000    284K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/Roboto-Bold.ttf
00007f4ad816f000    288K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/Roboto-Regular.ttf
00007f4ad81b7000    288K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/Roboto-Regular.ttf
00007f4ae19ad000    288K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae02ab000    292K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcee9000    320K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb389000    328K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae05f5000    332K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1385000    340K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae07f0000    344K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf335000    352K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adfe9c000    364K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1550000    364K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0d29000    368K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0e4c000    372K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0d87000    380K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae13da000    400K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf400000    404K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0de6000    408K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf05f000    412K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae06da000    428K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0887000    432K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae149c000    452K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ababe9000    468K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf896000    492K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0a2f000    496K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1931000    496K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0caa000    508K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1878000    528K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1a00000    528K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae03ef000    540K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0b5f000    556K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0510000    564K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae16a1000    564K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf946000    568K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4aba800000    572K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf695000    572K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf562000    576K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0bea000    596K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcdd3000    600K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8fd7000    604K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/17090aa38d5c6f09fb8c5c354938f1d7-le64.cache-8
00007f4adadf0000    608K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/df311e82a1a24c41a75c2c930223552e-le64.cache-8
00007f4adcc00000    624K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1604000    628K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb239000    636K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adb12c000    668K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adaf9a000    708K r--s- /home/user/.local/share/mime/mime.cache
00007f4adfa00000    708K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adff7e000    708K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ab4000000    732K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ac0000000    748K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ae1098000    796K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adfdca000    840K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae01cd000    888K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0f6d000    900K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adeeaa000    960K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf465000   1012K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae0058000   1048K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8ecd000   1064K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/f6b893a7224233d96cb72fd88691c0b4-le64.cache-8
00007f4ae176a000   1080K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4abaacd000   1136K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adcc9c000   1244K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1226000   1404K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4adf18a000   1416K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad986f000   1596K rw-s- /memfd:wayland-cursor (deleted)
00007f4aba608000   2016K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/JetBrainsMonoNerdFont-Regular.ttf
00007f4abb607000   2016K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/JetBrainsMonoNerdFont-Regular.ttf
00007f4aba88f000   2296K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4aba399000   2492K rw-s- /memfd:gdk-wayland (deleted)
00007f4abae00000   2944K r---- /usr/share/icons/Papirus/icon-theme.cache
00007f4abb200000   2944K r---- /usr/share/icons/Papirus-Dark/icon-theme.cache
00007f4adfab1000   3172K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ad8a00000   3612K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/923e285e415b1073c8df160bee08820f-le64.cache-8
00007f4ae1a84000   3668K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f4ae1e19000   3736K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4adaa00000   3984K r---- /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive
00007f4ad8200000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ad906f000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ad99ff000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ada200000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adb3fe000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adbbff000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4adc400000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4abe77a000  25112K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4add000000  31284K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f4abb800000  48616K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f4ac00bb000  64788K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4ab40b7000  64804K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4ac4021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4ac8021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4acc021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4ad0021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f4ad4021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
000055e4977b0000 130140K rw---   [ anon ]
 gesamt           845700K


532628:   pamac-manager
0000555e96177000      4K rw--- /usr/bin/pamac-manager
00007f15c57fb000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15c5ffc000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15c67fd000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15c6ffe000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15c77ff000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15d85fd000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15d8dfe000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15d95ff000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15f81f9000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15f89fa000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15fbe5e000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1614709000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161470a000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161470b000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161470c000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161470d000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161470e000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161470f000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614b20000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1614b21000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1614bb6000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1614bb7000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1614bf0000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bf1000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bf2000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bf3000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bf4000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bf5000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bf6000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614f87000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614f88000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fad000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fb2000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fb3000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fb4000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fb5000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fb6000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fb7000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fb8000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fb9000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fba000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fbb000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fbc000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fbd000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fbe000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fbf000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fc0000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fc1000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fc2000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fc3000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fc4000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fc5000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fc6000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fc7000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fc8000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fc9000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fca000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fcb000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fcc000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615017000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615018000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f161508f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16150c8000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16150ef000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16150f0000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16150f9000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16150fa000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1615105000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615106000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1615121000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615122000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f161512f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615130000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f161513f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615140000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1615141000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615142000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1615143000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615144000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615145000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f161514c000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161514d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161514e000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1615153000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615154000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615155000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f161516b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1615181000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615182000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1615193000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615194000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16151cd000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16151ce000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1615219000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f161521a000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161521b000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161521c000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161521d000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161521e000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161521f000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615220000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615221000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615222000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615223000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615224000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615225000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615226000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615227000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615228000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615229000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161522a000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161522b000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161522c000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161522d000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161522e000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161522f000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615230000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615231000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615232000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615233000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161525c000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161525d000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f161525e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161525f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615260000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1615267000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615268000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615269000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f161526e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161526f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615270000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f161527f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615280000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1615330000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1615349000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161534a000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f161534b000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161534c000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161534d000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161534e000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161534f000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615350000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615351000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615352000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615353000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615354000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615355000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615356000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615357000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615358000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16153c9000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16153ca000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16153cb000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161541a000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161541b000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f161541c000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161541d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161541e000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f161541f000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615420000      4K r---- /dev/shm/wlroots-gePhBh (deleted)
00007f1615425000      4K rwx--   [ anon ]
00007f1615426000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16155fe000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f1615dff000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f16169e4000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1616b3b000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b3c000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b3d000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1616b51000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b52000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b53000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1616b89000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1616b8a000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1616ba4000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1616bab000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/
00007f1616bac000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/
00007f1616bad000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/
00007f1616bae000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/
00007f1616baf000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/
00007f1616c0e000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f161740f000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f1617d11000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d6a000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d6b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d7d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d7e000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d8b000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d8c000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1617da8000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617da9000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1617db9000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617dba000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1617eb7000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1624000000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1624001000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1624002000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1624003000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1624004000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1624005000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1624023000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1624024000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16241fb000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16241fc000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f16241fd000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f16249fe000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f16251ff000      4K -----   [ anon ]
00007f1625c76000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1625c8a000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1625c8b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1625d56000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627c8d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627c8e000      4K r---- /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache
00007f1627c8f000      4K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1627ca2000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ca3000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627cae000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627caf000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ccf000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627cd0000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d01000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d02000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d0b000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d0c000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d19000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d1a000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d1d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d1e000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d1f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d20000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d21000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d27000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1627d28000      4K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1627d29000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1627d8f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gvfs/
00007f1627dab000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dac000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627db3000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627db4000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627db5000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dc2000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dc3000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dc6000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dc7000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dc8000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dc9000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627df7000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ed0000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ed1000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ef1000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ef2000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16280ac000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16280d1000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16280d2000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16281bb000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16281dc000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16281dd000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16281fe000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16281ff000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628405000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162841d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162841e000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628427000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628428000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628429000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628430000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628431000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628432000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628433000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628434000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628435000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628436000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628448000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628449000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628450000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628451000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628452000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162847d000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16284d1000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16284d2000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16284de000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16284df000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628533000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16285ff000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628afd000      4K r--s- /run/user/1000/dconf/user
00007f1628b14000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628b15000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c03000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c23000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c24000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c56000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c57000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628d29000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628d2a000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628fe5000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628fe6000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1629010000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629011000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629035000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629036000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629061000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629110000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629111000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629112000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629113000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629114000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629115000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629123000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629124000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162914e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162914f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162915b000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162915c000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162917f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162924f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629259000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162925a000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16292f2000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162932e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162932f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16293c9000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16293ca000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16293d5000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16293d6000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16293d7000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629428000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629441000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629442000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629465000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629466000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629467000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629468000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629469000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162946a000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629476000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629477000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162947d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162947e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162947f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629480000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629481000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629482000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629483000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629484000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162948f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629490000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16294a4000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16294a5000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16294a6000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16294a7000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16294a8000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16294a9000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16294aa000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16294bc000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629503000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16295ae000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16295af000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162967f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629680000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162975b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629771000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629772000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629789000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162978a000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16298ea000      4K ----- /usr/lib/
00007f16298eb000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16298ec000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16299d8000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16299d9000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629b59000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629c8b000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1629d95000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629d96000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629dff000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162a04d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/locale/C.UTF-8/LC_COLLATE
00007f162a064000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a065000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162a119000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162a27b000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162a27c000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162a3c5000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a3c6000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162a3c7000      4K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162a429000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162a5fd000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162ade6000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae05000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae06000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae17000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae18000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae1d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae1e000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae1f000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae67000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae89000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae8c000      4K r--s- /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/mime/mime.cache
00007f162ae8d000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae8e000      4K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae8f000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae90000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae91000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162aec3000      4K rw--- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f162aec4000      4K r---- /usr/lib/
ffffffffff600000      4K --x--   [ anon ]
0000555e96175000      8K r---- /usr/bin/pamac-manager
00007f1615015000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16150c6000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16150f1000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16150f7000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615103000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615123000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161514f000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615151000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1615169000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161526a000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161526c000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d0f000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1624006000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1624113000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1625dfe000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1627cac000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627cb0000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d09000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d17000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d1b000      8K r---- /home/user/.config/dconf/user
00007f1627d25000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1627da9000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dad000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1627daf000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627db1000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dc0000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dc4000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627df5000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ece000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16281b9000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16281bc000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16281fc000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162841f000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1628421000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162842a000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162842c000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162842e000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628437000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628446000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162844a000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16284cf000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628534000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628b02000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628b04000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628bc6000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1628d2b000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162905f000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629062000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1629121000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629150000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629159000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162917d000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629180000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1629250000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16293cb000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f16293cd000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629426000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629463000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162946b000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629474000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629478000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162948d000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16294ba000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629501000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629b57000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629c89000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162a03e000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162a5fe000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162ade0000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162ade2000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ade4000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ade7000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae07000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162ae15000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae19000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae1b000      8K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae20000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162ae65000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae87000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae8a000      8K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162aec1000      8K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f162aef5000      8K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162aef7000      8K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007fff53dd9000      8K r-x--   [ anon ]
00007f1614b00000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1614b1d000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161500d000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16150c9000     12K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f16150cc000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16150fb000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615131000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615146000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615149000     12K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1615190000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615261000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615264000     12K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1615271000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615339000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16169e5000     12K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/699564f050ff7e0f9dae359f33bc56a5-le64.cache-8
00007f1616b63000     12K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/6ba42ae0000f58711b5caaf10d690066-le64.cache-8
00007f1616b86000     12K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1616bb0000     12K r---- /home/user/.local/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache
00007f1617d7f000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d88000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617eb4000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ca4000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d03000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d06000     12K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d22000     12K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1627d9e000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627db6000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16281de000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162847a000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16284db000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628af7000     12K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628afa000     12K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1628bc3000     12K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c04000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c20000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162915d000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629256000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629330000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629429000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162947a000     12K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629485000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16294b7000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629644000     12K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16298c7000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a052000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a061000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a426000     12K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1614710000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147cc000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147d0000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147d4000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147d8000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147dc000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147e0000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147e4000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147e8000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147ec000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147f0000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147f4000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147f8000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147fc000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614ae0000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614ae4000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614ae8000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614aec000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614af0000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614af4000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614af8000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614afc000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bb8000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bbc000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bc0000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bc4000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bc8000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614bcc000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614f89000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614fae000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161508b000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16150f3000     16K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1615107000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161511d000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161512b000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161513b000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615165000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161517d000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16151c9000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615215000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161527b000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615345000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615416000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615421000     16K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1616b2b000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b37000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b7c000     16K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1617d6c000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d79000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617daa000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617db5000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617ffb000     16K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1625c77000     16K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1625c7b000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1625c86000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627c9e000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ccb000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d0d000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dca000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16280a8000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162816f000     16K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f16281be000     16K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628406000     16K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162840a000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628419000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628423000     16K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162844c000     16K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16285fb000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628afe000     16K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1628bbf000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c25000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628e79000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628e7d000     16K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629012000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629031000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629037000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629252000     16K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16292ee000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629491000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16294a0000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629785000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16298ca000     16K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1629c85000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629dfb000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a04e000     16K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162a277000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162add8000     16K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162addc000     16K r---- /usr/lib/
00007fff53dd5000     16K r----   [ anon ]
00007f1615010000     20K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16150fe000     20K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f161516c000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b3e000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b4c000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1616bb3000     20K r---- /usr/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache
00007f1616bb8000     20K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f1617ff6000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162410e000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627c90000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ca7000     20K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16280ad000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162911c000     20K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629178000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162945e000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629488000     20K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16294bd000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162963f000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162976c000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16298e5000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a114000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ade9000     20K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae09000     20K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615125000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f161518a000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16154ee000     24K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/b67b32625a2bb51b023d3814a918f351-le64.cache-8
00007f1616b80000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1616ba5000     24K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f1617d82000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d11000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d89000     24K r---- /usr/lib/gvfs/
00007f1628453000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628bfd000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629116000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16293cf000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16294ab000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16294b1000     24K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629504000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629647000     24K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615134000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1615156000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615183000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615274000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d8d000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617dae000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1625c7f000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627db9000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629152000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162943a000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629443000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162946d000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162975c000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629773000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629b04000     28K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f162add1000     28K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162ae0e000     28K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae80000     28K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f15dbcb2000     32K rw--- /usr/lib/dri/
00007f16147b4000     32K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f161515d000     32K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1615331000     32K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1616b2f000     32K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1616bbd000     32K r---- /usr/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f1617da0000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1625df6000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627cd1000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627da1000     32K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628173000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16284d3000     32K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16284e0000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628bc8000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629057000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629108000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629247000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16292f3000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16295b0000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16298ce000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629afc000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629b0b000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a5f5000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae68000     32K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1614bf7000     36K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f1615090000     36K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161533c000     36K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b43000     36K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b73000     36K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/f349e9996a5320f6dd491cedd2b1f964-le64.cache-8
00007f1617d70000     36K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627c95000     36K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628fe7000     36K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629145000     36K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629763000     36K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae22000     36K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1614bdc000     40K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614be6000     40K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16150e5000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16151cf000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16280c7000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628165000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628bf3000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629006000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16293d8000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629675000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae92000     40K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f162aeb7000     40K r---- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f162aeeb000     40K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16241f0000     44K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627cf6000     44K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162840e000     44K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628fda000     44K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629064000     44K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629495000     44K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162977a000     44K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1614bd0000     48K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615171000     48K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d94000     48K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d7d000     48K r---- /usr/lib/gvfs/
00007f1627de9000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162846e000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162847e000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16284c3000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c4a000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c58000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629125000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629322000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629c8c000     48K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a055000     48K r-x-- /usr/lib/
0000555e9612b000     52K r---- /usr/bin/pamac-manager
00007f1615195000     52K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b66000     52K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/210c0516121708a580e22e6b1f9a103a-le64.cache-8
00007f1617d12000     52K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1624016000     52K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1625c69000     52K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628439000     52K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a040000     52K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1614ba8000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16150b8000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16151a2000     56K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1617cc1000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1624008000     56K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d90000     56K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1627ec0000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16281ab000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628b06000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629182000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162942c000     56K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162974d000     56K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615206000     60K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1616b54000     60K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/491f45a0a771fef1c10b9b647a97fb82-le64.cache-8
00007f1617eb8000     60K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629417000     60K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16298d6000     60K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a3c8000     60K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f15fbe9f000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614007000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16146f9000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614714000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16147bc000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614b22000     64K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1614f8d000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614f9d000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f161524c000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615359000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615369000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615379000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615389000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615399000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16153a9000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16153b9000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615427000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615437000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1615447000     64K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1628536000     64K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628b16000     64K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16298ed000     64K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae70000     64K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628d2d000     68K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae54000     68K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161510b000     72K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1617cfd000     72K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d58000     72K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ef3000     72K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16290f6000     72K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615301000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1625cf1000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d53000     76K r---- /usr/lib/gvfs/
00007f16283f2000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628520000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629b5a000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629d97000     76K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16169e8000     80K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/614d1caaa4d7914789410f6367de37ca-le64.cache-8
00007f1628d15000     80K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629131000     80K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162944a000     80K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1614b93000     84K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16280b2000     84K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628459000     84K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1615019000     88K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16150cf000     88K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628ff0000     88K r-x-- /usr/lib/
0000555e9615e000     92K r---- /usr/bin/pamac-manager
00007f1624115000     92K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d66000     92K r-x-- /usr/lib/gvfs/
00007f1629b40000     92K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162adee000     92K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615073000     96K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615234000     96K rw-s- /memfd:wayland-cursor (deleted)
00007f1624025000     96K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629160000     96K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16151b0000    100K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16153fd000    100K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f1616b8b000    100K r---- /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled
00007f1617dbb000    100K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627cb2000    100K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c07000    100K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629681000    100K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a066000    100K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1614b03000    104K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16281c2000    104K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162925b000    104K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a40c000    104K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627dce000    108K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16281e1000    108K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629016000    108K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629de0000    108K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ae9c000    108K r-x-- /usr/lib/gio/modules/
00007f1615314000    112K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628149000    112K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162903b000    112K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162978b000    112K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ac3a000    112K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627cd9000    116K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16280d3000    120K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628ba1000    120K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16294c2000    120K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a27d000    120K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1614b74000    124K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1615099000    124K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627ed2000    124K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f15a4000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15a8000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15ac000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15b0000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15b4000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15bc000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15c0000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15d4000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15dc000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15e0000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15e4000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15e8000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15f0000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1600000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f161c000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1620000000    132K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1625d57000    132K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c29000    132K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16294e0000    132K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617fff000    136K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f162a11a000    136K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1616beb000    140K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f1627df8000    140K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628bd0000    140K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a0f0000    144K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1625ccc000    148K r-x-- /usr/lib/
0000555e96138000    152K r-x-- /usr/bin/pamac-manager
00007f161549e000    152K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/f2e43df3287529323e79e7929dc44cc9-le64.cache-8
00007f1616bc5000    152K r---- /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
00007f16292c8000    152K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629e00000    152K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162aec5000    152K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16285d4000    156K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16292fb000    156K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162964d000    160K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627d2a000    164K r--s- /usr/share/mime/mime.cache
00007f162ae2b000    164K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16154c4000    168K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/8d4af663993b81a124ee82e610bb31f9-le64.cache-8
00007f162921d000    168K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162939e000    172K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16151d9000    180K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629b13000    180K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1617ccf000    184K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1625dc8000    184K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162817b000    192K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f159c000000    196K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f16153cc000    196K r---- /usr/share/icons/Papirus-Dark-Maia/icon-theme.cache
00007f162960e000    196K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16240dc000    200K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628e81000    200K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16241bb000    212K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628e44000    212K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16293e2000    212K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a3d7000    212K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629d5f000    216K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629daa000    216K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629716000    220K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629c4e000    220K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16284e8000    224K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629576000    224K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617d1f000    228K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1617e7b000    228K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162848a000    228K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a42a000    228K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627e82000    248K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16152c2000    252K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1617fb7000    252K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1614fcd000    256K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1625c8c000    256K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1615281000    260K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1627f05000    260K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1614b32000    264K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f161502f000    272K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f15d3dff000    284K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f1614231000    284K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/Roboto-Bold.ttf
00007f1614278000    284K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/Roboto-Bold.ttf
00007f1615457000    284K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1614724000    288K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/Roboto-Regular.ttf
00007f161476c000    288K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/Roboto-Regular.ttf
00007f1628f91000    292K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1625d78000    320K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1625d04000    328K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629275000    332K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629f85000    340K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16295b8000    344K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16280f1000    352K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628a9c000    364K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162997c000    368K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629a9f000    372K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16299da000    380K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629fda000    400K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628200000    404K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629a39000    408K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627e1b000    412K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629333000    428K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162950a000    432K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a13c000    440K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a07f000    452K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f15fbde9000    468K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f15d3e46000    480K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1628b26000    492K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162969a000    496K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16298fd000    508K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a571000    528K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f15dbc2c000    536K r---- /usr/lib/dri/
00007f162906f000    540K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16297a7000    556K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f15d9e00000    560K r---- /usr/lib/dri/
00007f1629190000    564K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a338000    564K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628546000    568K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f15fba00000    572K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162412c000    572K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628362000    576K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1629832000    596K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1625bd3000    600K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16169fc000    604K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/17090aa38d5c6f09fb8c5c354938f1d7-le64.cache-8
00007f1616a93000    608K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/df311e82a1a24c41a75c2c930223552e-le64.cache-8
00007f1625a00000    624K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162a29b000    628K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162403d000    636K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a600000    644K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1617dd4000    668K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1617c10000    708K r--s- /home/user/.local/share/mime/mime.cache
00007f1628600000    708K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1628c64000    708K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1594000000    720K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1598000000    740K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15a0000000    740K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1629c98000    796K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f162a1aa000    820K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f16289ca000    840K r---- /usr/lib/
00007fff53ccf000    844K rw---   [ stack ]
00007f1628eb3000    888K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1629b6d000    900K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1617ec7000    960K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1628265000   1012K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f15fa0fc000   1028K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15fb27f000   1028K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1628d3e000   1048K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f16154f4000   1064K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/f6b893a7224233d96cb72fd88691c0b4-le64.cache-8
00007f162a463000   1080K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f15fbccd000   1136K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f1625a9c000   1244K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f15f80b9000   1280K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15fbebf000   1280K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15fec80000   1280K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15fedc0000   1280K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15fef00000   1280K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15ff040000   1280K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15ff180000   1280K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15ff2c0000   1280K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f16142bf000   1284K rw-s- /home/user/.cache/mesa_shader_cache/index
00007f1629e26000   1404K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1627f46000   1416K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f162ac56000   1516K rw--- /usr/lib/
00007f15ff400000   1536K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15ff580000   1536K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f162aa9c000   1656K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f15dbcba000   1784K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15c4409000   2016K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/JetBrainsMonoNerdFont-Regular.ttf
00007f15c4601000   2016K r---- /usr/share/fonts/TTF/JetBrainsMonoNerdFont-Regular.ttf
00007f15d817d000   2048K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15fb380000   2048K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15fea80000   2048K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15ff700000   2048K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15ff900000   2048K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614031000   2048K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15fba8f000   2296K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f15ffb00000   2560K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15ffd80000   2560K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f1614400000   2944K r---- /usr/share/icons/Papirus/icon-theme.cache
00007f1614800000   2944K r---- /usr/share/icons/Papirus-Dark/icon-theme.cache
00007f16286b1000   3172K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f1614c00000   3612K r--s- /var/cache/fontconfig/923e285e415b1073c8df160bee08820f-le64.cache-8
00007f1616600000   3984K r---- /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive
00007f162a6a1000   4076K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f15cc000000   4096K rw-s-   [ anon ]
00007f15d3794000   6572K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f15c57fc000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15c5ffd000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15c67fe000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15c6fff000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15d85fe000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15d8dff000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15d9600000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15f81fa000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15f89fb000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f16155ff000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1615e00000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1616c0f000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1617410000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f16241fe000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f16249ff000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1625200000   8192K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15c7800000   8324K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15db1cf000  10612K r---- /usr/lib/dri/
00007f15cc600000  11148K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f160c000000  13636K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f157c000000  17352K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15d9e8c000  19724K r-x-- /usr/lib/dri/
00007f158ab6c000  21072K -----   [ anon ]
00007f1625e00000  31284K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f15d0f3d000  41308K r---- /usr/lib/
00007f157d0f2000  48184K -----   [ anon ]
00007f160cd51000  51900K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15cd0e3000  63848K r-x-- /usr/lib/
00007f15980b9000  64796K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15a00b9000  64796K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15940b4000  64816K -----   [ anon ]
00007f159c031000  65340K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15a4021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15a8021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15ac021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15b0021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15b4021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15bc021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15c0021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15c8021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15d4021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15dc021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15e0021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15e4021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15e8021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15f0021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f1600021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f1618021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f161c021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f1620021000  65404K -----   [ anon ]
00007f15ec000000  65536K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f15f4000000  65536K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1604000000  65536K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1608000000  65536K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1610000000  65536K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f1584000000 110000K rw---   [ anon ]
0000555e9767f000 130164K rw---   [ anon ]
00007f158c000000 131072K rw---   [ anon ]
 gesamt          2755216K

So you see anything relevant? From what I see: GTK4 uses here GPU accelearation (OpenGL) and therefore needs more RAM for caching.


whereas Pamac GTK3 consumes about 1,4 GB…

Are you kidding ?

The AUR database is really large and loading it requires a lot of memory. Made you’re experiencing this?

I have aur enabled, but octopi uses the same database and still…160 mb.
I am on xfce if that matters.

Does it really use the manjaro-hosted file or the API directly?

It seems so…

No I dont think so.
It has AUR support - but not manjaro’s specific db cache that was made for the expressed purpose of helping pamac not DDOS the AUR.
(because there just wasnt any other way? … heh … idk … pamac so silly)
For what its worth … I just checked and pamac-gtk seemed to use about 178 mb.

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Enabling the AUR in itself in Pamac will make use of lot of RAM.

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