Pamac GUI - cannot skip single AUR package update

Using pamac GUI with AUR support and updates activated I installed ruffle-git for preserving the ability to run some nice SWFs stored locally. ruffle-git is provided as nightly builds only and usually takes 30+ minutes to build. Actually I don’t need a daily update for it and I’d like to skip it when other system updates arrive. But when I unselect the Update button and switch to the log output after entering the password, there’s already “Clone ruffle-git Build-Files…” and “Check ruffle-git Dependencies…” there, and even though the next popup (after password, if any) does not ask for ruffle-git to be built, the whole updating fails with message “build failed”. I cannot say whether this is Rust-specific or common for all AUR builds, though.

Recently the ruffle-git build fails with errors (reported on AUR ruffle-git page). There was an update for imagemagick6, the package was built but not installed, as pamac processing stopped at the ruffle-git build failure - I managed to find it and have pamac GUI install it. Regular Manjaro packages were installed before any build was attempted, so my stable system is up-to-date.

Am I missing something about skipping a single AUR package, could it be a pamac (GUI) bug, or could it be specific for a Rust-based package? Should I disable AUR support completely or just the updates before starting a Manjaro packages update to avoid the extra time? Please advise.

Thank you

Open pamac - settings (the three dots) - advanced
there you can select a package to the ignore list.
But don’t forget to update at some point to avoid conflicts.

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Thank you banjo - there’s really plenty of settings everywhere :wink:

Of course, I’ll follow the status as the ruffle-git even fails to build right now.