Pamac-gtk icon with red remark

I made fresh installation of Manjaro 22.0.5. All OK except pamac-gtk icon (i.e. ‘Add and remove software’ icon) - when it is placed into the dock - has red remark circle with number 1 in white in it. Please see screenshot. I do not have any pending installations or updates nor any remarks in settings of pamac-gtk. Please advice how to remove this remark ?

Kuvakaappaus - 2023-03-19 09-47-06

Does it disappear after a few hours?

@mithrial Thank you for reply. Let’s hope It is an open remark from the last update / settings change. I can check this today evening (i.e. after 8 hours from now) and I’ll let you know then.

Dash to Dock has a new (unwanted?) feature called:
“Show Icon Emblems” in Preferences tab: “Starter”
Notification badge counter :grin:

@mithrial I opned the PC once more after 7 hours → no change, i.e. the red circle is still there when pamac-gtk icon is placed into the dock. After this I shorted the update period from 6h to 3 h and run the followings commands:
pamac checkupdates -a
sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo pacman -Syyuu
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

Result after all these command: Nothing to do. The red circle remains in place. At last I run also this:
sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys → The red circle remains in place.

@GaVenga Thank you for info ! From the comments in the link you provided I understand that this is a counter failure and it can can appear in any icon which is placed into the dock.

Edit: I’m trying to circumvent this as follows: I disabled '‘Dash-to-dock’ extension (Manjaro Hello → Gnome Layout Switcher → Settings → Gnome Extensions → Dash to dock → disable) and installed ‘Frippery Panel Favorites’ extension. It shows continuously same selected apps in upper line of the screen. In Frippery panel pamac-gtk icon is without red circle remark. :grinning: With ‘superkey’ the dock panel becomes visible when wanted. I mark this issue as solved.

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