Pamac freezes while trying to remove avahi


I am trying to remove some of avahi’s client apps (SSH server browser and VNC server browser).
Running “pamac remove avahi” from shell hangs with the following message. CPU utilization is close to 100% when this happens. The only way to terminate is to kill pamac from another shell session.

Checking dependencies…
Warning: asciidoc optionally requires graphviz: graphviz-filter
Warning: colord optionally requires colord-sane: SANE support
Warning: ffmpegthumbnailer optionally requires gvfs: support for gio uris
Warning: foomatic-db-gutenprint-ppds optionally requires cups: to use cups printer spooler(recommended)
Warning: gegl optionally requires graphviz: for gegl-introspect
Warning: git optionally requires org.freedesktop.secrets: keyring credential helper
Warning: graphicsmagick optionally requires ghostscript: pdf, ps modules
Warning: gssdp optionally requires gtk3: gssdp-device-sniffer
Warning: imagemagick optionally requires ghostscript: PS/PDF support
Warning: jre8-openjdk optionally requires gtk2: for the Gtk+ look and feel - desktop usage
Warning: libde265 optionally requires qt5-base: for sherlock265
Warning: libinput optionally requires gtk3: libinput debug-gui
Warning: libpurple optionally requires avahi: Bonjour protocol support
Warning: libsecret optionally requires org.freedesktop.secrets: secret storage backend
Warning: libsoup optionally requires samba: Windows Domain SSO
Warning: lightdm optionally requires lightdm-gtk-greeter: GTK greeter
Warning: networkmanager-openconnect optionally requires libnma: GUI support
Warning: networkmanager-openvpn optionally requires libnma: GUI support
Warning: networkmanager-pptp optionally requires libnma: GUI support
Warning: networkmanager-vpnc optionally requires libnma: GUI support
Warning: openal optionally requires qt5-base: alsoft-config GUI Configurator
Warning: pacman-mirrors optionally requires gtk3: for interactive mode (GUI)
Warning: pinentry optionally requires gtk2: gtk2 backend
Warning: pinentry optionally requires qt5-base: qt backend
Warning: pinentry optionally requires gcr: gnome3 backend
Warning: pulseaudio optionally requires pulseaudio-zeroconf: Zeroconf support
Warning: pulseaudio optionally requires pulseaudio-equalizer: Graphical equalizer
Warning: python-pillow optionally requires python-pyqt5: for the ImageQt module
Warning: snapd optionally requires xdg-desktop-portal: desktop integration
Warning: stoken optionally requires gtk3: required for stoken-gui
Warning: v4l-utils optionally requires qt5-base: for qv4l2
Warning: xdg-utils optionally requires exo: for Xfce support in xdg-open
Warning: zbar optionally requires gtk3: for zbar-gtk
Warning: zbar optionally requires qt5-x11extras: for zbar-qt
Warning: zensu optionally requires zenity: Alternative for displaying dialog window
Warning: dependency cycle detected:
Warning: cifs-utils will be removed after its smbclient dependency

Thanks in advance

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

A more sensible approach would be to disable avahi related services started by systemd instead of deleting (system-)packages. You can get a list of all the services by issuing systemctl.

See here on how to handle systemd units:

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Thank you for the quick response. I managed to disable both avahi services via systemctl.

Is there a way to remove the client-facing avahi utilities (bssh, bvnc and bshell) without uninstalling the daemons?


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I also want to disable avahi stuff, i saw that avahi opens Ports on my Firefall is it save to shut down, without making my system unstable?

is it enough to just stop/disable the service,or do i need to do everything that’s written here?: