Pamac finds aur package that is not in aur

Hi, I am encountering a weird pamac behavior: aur search returns package that apparently are not in the AUR. For instance, pamac search -a flox returns flox 0.60. However, going to AUR (en) - Packages, there is no flox package at all. Any clue?

Hi @callegar,

It sounds like your package list is out-of-date. Refresh it with:

pamac update --force-refresh

Hope this helps!

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pamac outdated meta data on your system

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This is an issue with pamac, it does not update the databases when using search.


Better clue would be to post actual response from terminal instead of a narrative response

If response from pamac search -a flox shows package is available from AUR

flox  0.60                                                             AUR

update AUR database as per previous posts

But response might show installed package no longer available from AUR

flox  0.60 [Installed]   

I have removed/replaced 2 similar ex-AUR packages recently

websearch for aur flox shows dead links to AUR and upstream
maybe this project is no longer beta ?


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