Pamac fails to upgrade on plasma 6 (both gui and cli)

In plasma 6, while pamac cli works fine, pamac gui is failing. This is happening since a couple of days.

I need to kill the gui, then unlock pacman db rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck, then finally launch the cli in the konsole. I can’t see this error reported, so maybe it is just me.

Thanks for providing us such useful information about your system and the error message.

It shows nothing, no error, but doesn’t move from this point

After that if I launch the cli (notice the ctrl+C)

This is getting worse, this used to work yesterday

pacman and paru are still working fine

please stop posting screenshots of text …


I found the bug report

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For one thing, the screenshots indicate that your system has not been properly maintained, as you still have the long-gone Community repo in your configuration. I recommend that you install the pacman-contrib package, and then run pacdiff -o to see if you have .pacnew files that need to be actioned.

I realise this may not be related to the issue you are currently experiencing with Pamac, however failing to deal with .pacnew (and .pacsave) files will most likely cause problems with your Manjaro installation.

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Pamac moved from being the iconic app provided by Manjaro to being totally not reliable to do any kind of install/remove/upgrade.

With all respect to devs, for now it only serves the role of app browser while pacman/yay are the reliable alternatives to manage our systems. :disappointed_relieved:

@Lycan Can you give the content of your /etc/pacman.conf file and give the output of upgrading with sudo : sudo pamac upgrade

Firefox translation plugin does not work on screenshots

Screenshots show multiple package managers/AUR helpers in use

Screenshot for pamac upgrade suggests AUR support is enabled
To update repository packages only:

pamac update --no-aur

Ctrl+C is likely to cause a problem with pacman database lock on any package manager
Better to wait and select N when requested to apply transaction (Aplicar transacción)

It was a libalpm issue, fixed with pacman 6.1.0-4

I checked today and is back functional, thanks

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