Pamac does not show AUR-Packages in some circumstances

Hey there,

I wanted to install Code Composer Studio (CCS) on my machine. When I entered ccs in pamac I took a look at the output and it stated “No package found”.

But then I took a deeper look and clicked on AUR and there it is:

Since I’ve done some websearch, I’ve seen someone suggest that it may be with Software Modeso I switched that option to on, but there is the same problem. (Same but different)

This behaviour is not limited to this AUR-Package, it is for all AUR-Packages.

I’m currently on the testing branch(fully updated), but according to Branch Compare there is no update rolling through.

Do you have any suggestions, what I’m making wrong?

Thank you for your answer in advance.

PS: I hope I’m right here, if not please move it to the right place and give me a short notice, that I can remember and improve :smiley:


Thank you very much!

I’ve missed that since it is burried in so many comments :frowning:

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