Pamac checkupdate and flatpak

Good time of day. Background. I use manjaro with bspwm environment. Faced with the problem that pamac check update stopped seeing flatpack packages, whereas through the gui pramac-manager and flatpak update see them perfectly.
I need your advice.

It seems like a syntax issue. Try this:

pamac checkupdates -a 

It works fine here

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This key includes only the app’s aur and that’s it =( Flatpak as not seen, and not seen when called through the terminal.

Is libpamac-flatpak-plugin installed? I am not a flatpak or snap user here.

Naturally libpamac-flatpak-plugin is installed. Otherwise, in the gui (pamac-manager) flatpak applications would not be seen either.

I think the cli version simply doesn’t support flatpak.

It’s just that this support used to be in pamac-cli

I have been around for many years. - personally I cannot remember seing CLI support outside repos and AUR.

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It was not possible to catch the reason using virtualbox, which is why pamac-cli showed flathub in the list of databases (apparently a floating bug caught). I am currently using
flatpak update | grep flathub 2> /dev/null | wc -l