Pamac can't install Manjaro-tools-iso-git it just hangs (unstable branch)

As stated above …
sudo pacman -S manjaro-tools-iso-git works fine.

You mention this package in the topic and your post - but with contradicting statements…

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I’m wildcatting title should mean Pamac… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Correct have changed the title.

Installing the git version requires you install the dependencies as git versions too.

So the correct set is

pamac install manjaro-tools-iso-git manjaro-tools-yaml-git manjaro-tools-base-git manjaro-tools-pkg-git

That does not work for me and you missed an “s” on the first tools.
By the way i’m on unstable and pamac was updated today.

With Today’s update on unstable pamac is working again

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