($ pamac build) wants to reinstall bunch of packages

Hello Community. Recently I noticed something unusual in the installation of AUR packages in the Newest Pamac (Both CLI and GUI)

I want to install any package (ej: ungoogled-chromium) and pamac wants to redownload and reinstall bunch of my packages installed on my system, mostly core packages.

Pamac shows something like this (I cutted for avoid large reading)

❯ pamac build ungoogled-chromium
Clonando ungoogled-chromium archivos de compilación…
Comprobando ungoogled-chromium dependencias…
Elige un proveedor para java-runtime-headless:
1: jre-openjdk-headless 14.0.2.u12-1 extra
2: jre11-openjdk-headless 11.0.8.u10-1 extra
3: jre7-openjdk-headless 7.u261_2.6.22-1 extra
4: jre8-openjdk-headless 8.u265-1 extra
Introduzca un número (por defecto =1): 1

Resolviendo dependencias…
Comprobando conflictos entre paquetes…
Advertencia: se ha detectado un bucle de dependencias:
Advertencia: bashrc-manjaro se instalará antes de su dependencia bash
Advertencia: se ha detectado un bucle de dependencias:
Advertencia: harfbuzz se instalará antes de su dependencia freetype2
Advertencia: se ha detectado un bucle de dependencias:
Advertencia: mesa se instalará antes de su dependencia libglvnd

Paquetes a instalar (317):
linux-api-headers 5.8-1 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 1,1 MB
tzdata 2020d-1 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 394,0 kB
iana-etc 20201012-1 (Requerido por: fakeroot) core 398,1 kB
filesystem 2020.09-2 (Requerido por: fakeroot) core 23,4 kB
glibc 2.32-5 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 10,3 MB
gcc-libs 10.2.0-3 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 33,1 MB
bashrc-manjaro 5.0.018-1 (Requerido por: autoconf) core 6,2 kB
ncurses 6.2-1 (Requerido por: autoconf) core 1,2 MB
readline 8.0.004-1 (Requerido por: autoconf) core 317,1 kB
bash 5.0.018-1 (Requerido por: autoconf) core 1,7 MB
gmp 6.2.0-1 (Requerido por: binutils) core 450,1 kB
attr 2.4.48-3 (Requerido por: binutils) core 70,6 kB
acl 2.2.53-3 (Requerido por: binutils) core 139,9 kB
tar 1.32-3 (Requerido por: libtool) core 760,1 kB
libtool 2.4.6+42+gb88cebd5-14 core 417,2 kB
zlib 1:1.2.11-4 (Requerido por: binutils) core 83,4 kB
bzip2 1.0.8-4 (Requerido por: binutils) core 58,6 kB
pcre 8.44-1 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 992,3 kB
less 563-1 (Requerido por: gzip) core 112,4 kB
gzip 1.10-3 core 79,7 kB
gdbm 1.18.1-3 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 164,2 kB
db 5.3.28-5 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 1,1 MB
libxcrypt 4.4.17-1 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 91,8 kB
perl 5.32.0-3 (Requerido por: autoconf) core 15,9 MB
zstd 1.4.5-1 (Requerido por: binutils) core 671,3 kB
libarchive 3.4.3-1 (Requerido por: binutils) core 517,2 kB
nettle 3.6-1 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 414,9 kB
gnutls 3.6.15-1 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 2,9 MB
sqlite 3.33.0-2 (Requerido por: ungoogled-chromium) core 1,8 MB
gnupg 2.2.25-0.1 (Requerido por: pacman) core 2,6 MB
gpgme 1.15.0-1 (Requerido por: pacman) core 459,5 kB
archlinux-keyring 20201028-1 (Requerido por: pacman) core 963,9 kB
manjaro-keyring 20201216-1 (Requerido por: pacman) core 143,9 kB
(And more…)

Para construir (1):
ungoogled-chromium 87.0.4280.88-3 AUR

Tamaño total de la descarga: 492,1 MB
Tamaño total instalado: 2,2 GB

This happens with latest Pamac 10.0.1-1.0.
My workaround is just install aur packages using Yay.

I hope this helps in some way.

Hi and welcome to the forum :+1:

If i’m not mistaken:

AUR packages build inside a temporary container, thats why it needs to install all of those for it’s build-dependencies, the final result will be “installed” into your system.
That doesn’t mean it will install all those packages with it.
To check what it does look at the PKGBUILD.

Yes. I Know AUR packages needs some packages for compiling and the building process is in the PKGBUILD, but now Pamac wants to reinstall core packages installed from my system, like the pacman itself, sudo and linux headers. I think is an error. Is redownloading 400MB-1GB unnecessarily.

Does that happen with ALL AUR packages or just the one you mentioned?
If it’s just the one you mentioned i would contact the maintainer… :woman_shrugging:

Is happening with every package, Even is a binary or git.

Ok then i’ll crosslink to Pamac 10 is now released, so it will be linked in that thread.
I would advice you to create a bug report at:

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I see with version 10.0.2-1 the problem is gone. now I can use pamac normally.

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