Pamac build: disabling some modules before compile

Hi! I want to build an AUR package named ‘satdump-git’ but want to exclude some plugins from it.

For example in the GIT repo there is a CMakeLists.txt with this:
option(PLUGIN_BLADERF_SDR_SUPPORT “Enable BladeRF SDR Support plugin” ON)
option(PLUGIN_USRP_SDR_SUPPORT “Enable USRP SDR Support plugin” ON)

I want to set them off:

I am going to use pamac build.
Where should I define these settings? is this in PKGBUILD options() ? comma separeted? any example?


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That will not work fluently. If you need modifications, then clone the git archive of the AUR, modify the build() function, so adding the parameter to the cmake command, and build/install it with makepkg -si.

Ok, got it! I will try this later, thanks for your help!

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