Pamac "available update" dot does not clear when installing a flatpak only update

Awhile back, I noticed performing certain updates via the pamac gui didn’t clear the notification dot in the system tray icon. Upon further investigation, this only happens if you happen to have only a flatpak app update to perform. If you later open the terminal and run pamac update the notification dot will clear.

Is this expected behavior from the gui, or is it possibly a bug?

Hmmm maybe a bug - but I’ll be honest with you, clicking that icon to have the GUI open is rather a slow way to do it.

Terminal is cooler and you can make it even faster and easier…
First, you can make an alias… to help remember what you do for ‘upgrade’ vs simple ‘update’.

upgrade='pamac upgrade --enable-downgrade --aur --devel'

Hmmm no, you’re right - not simple enough, maybe you could have a mouse gesture (hold RMB and draw a U) or keyboard shortcut (idk, maybe Ctrl_Alt+U) set in shortcuts.

Or even drag a new item to your panel to click - to pop up your Konsole and do it all in one go:

So make a file ~/MyStuff/ make it executable and paste:


commands () {
   pamac upgrade --enable-downgrade --aur --devel

export -f commands

konsole --noclose -e "bash -c 'commands'"