Pamac AUR update - One fail, have to restart all

When upgrading AUR packages with pamac upgrade --aur. If one build fails (or even a hash mismatch), everything already done must be downloaded and rebuilt again. For example: I have android-sdk aur installed which alphabetically is the first package to be handled so I have to download the same ~1Gb tar source file every time one package build (not related to it) fails after.

My process currently is running pamac upgrade --no-aur to upgrade non-aur packages first and then pamac upgrade --aur --dry-run to list and then upgrade packages invidually with pamac install <package name>.

I would much prefer if pamac would do this automatically and not just discard successfully built packages. If there are any flags to use cache and resume progress I would appreciate to hear.

Did you already try trizen ? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I confirm the same problem on my laptop.