Pamac AUR issue

After the latest testing update, I can’t find the AUR repository in Pamac. Also, AUR packages don’t get updates while updating the system.

It was enabled before updating the system. After updating, the gui changed and AUR disappeared.

If you have Software Mode enabled, then the preferences for AUR will not show. Once you disable it, then when you open again preferences the AUR options will show.

Regarding the update of AUR packages … If from terminal with this command
pamac checkupdates -a
you get some package as

Out of Date:
package-name  XYZ.1.version-2  AUR

then make sure to check that package AUR page and see if is Flagged as Out of Date. If that is the case, then there will be no update for it, unless the packager will update it … I hope this makes sense and i’m not equivocating.

But what’s the use of Software Mode?

Something like this

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